Please note that new, incoming students for Fall 2020 do NOT follow the process below.  Click here for information for incoming students.
  1. Housing Deposit: Every spring, continuing students must pay a nonrefundable $200 housing deposit in order to pick up their Housing Contract and select housing for the upcoming year. The housing deposit for the 2020-2021 year is due April 15, 2020. Click here for information on how to pay the housing deposit. A housing deposit hold is placed on your Housing Contract until the deposit has been paid. This hold DOES NOT impact class registration.
  2. Register for Classes: Students must be registered for their 2020-2021 classes in order to pick up their Housing Contract and participate in housing selection. Please note that there are designated registration times that will determine when you can register for classes. Also, be sure that you do not have any holds on your account that would hinder you from doing this on time.
  3. Contract: You may pick up your Housing Contract in late April/May from the Residential Education & Housing Office or at other locations as advertised. Please DO NOT arrive at housing selection WITHOUT your signed Housing Contract. You CANNOT pick housing without it. Once you have submitted your Housing Contract at housing selection, that is your housing assignment, and the contract and lottery number cannot be used again.
  4. Timeline:  Download a timeline of all important dates leading up to housing selection. Please review the timeline for your housing interests.
  5. Lottery Number: Computer-generated lottery numbers are randomly assigned to all students by class standing. Class standing is generated based on terms completed at Lawrence** at the end of Winter Term. The completion of at least seven terms is considered “senior” standing; at least four terms is considered “junior” standing; and less than four terms is considered “sophomore” standing. Lottery numbers appear on students' housing contracts. Lottery number ranges:
              2000-2500  seniors
              3000-3500  juniors 
              4000-4500  sophomores
    **Students who have transferred to Lawrence University from other colleges shall be counted as having been enrolled for three terms, plus all subsequent terms completed.
  6. Combination Rule: In order to foster hall community, preference in housing selection is given to roommates who will fill the room for all three terms. Those who are not going to be on campus all three terms can find others to fill their spot when away. This is where the Combination Rule comes into play.
  7. Proxy Form: Those who are unable to select their own housing must fill out a Proxy Form. This often is used when students are studying abroad Spring Term and are not physically on campus to pick up and fill out their Housing Contract. The Proxy Form allows a friend, roommate, or member of the Residence Life committee to do this for the absent student. At housing selection, the same rules apply: all forms, whether contract or proxy, must be signed and turned in.