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Move-in Day: Download and complete your Housing Inventory here, then save and upload here when completed. 

  • September  8: New  Lawrentians  arrive on campus, Welcome Week begins
  • September 10&12: Returning Lawrentians arrive on campus

To protect the health and safety of our students and staff during move-in, students will be assigned an individual date and time frame to arrive on campus. One additional person may accompany students into their residence to help with move in. 

All students will be tested upon their arrival, and again two weeks later. Continued testing of our on-campus population will occur weekly for the rest of the term. All on-campus COVID-19 tests will be conducted by our community health partner, Bellin Health, at no cost to students, faculty, or staff.

If students need to stay on campus through the winter break, we will make every effort to accommodate their need.

Please consult the  Planning for Fall 2020 webpage  for more information and FAQ . If you have any questions, please email residential.education@lawrence.edu.

Curious about how Fall 2020 will look different for students living on campus?  Here are some highlights of specific expectations for all residential spaces. 


While there will be carts and dollies available for move-in, students will be expected to move all of their own belongings. Each student may have one person assist with moving belongings into the residence hall. All other families/visitors will need to remain outside. We suggest packing smart- determining what may not be a necessity (excess decorations, speakers, rugs, etc.), and packing things that are easier for 1 or 2 people to carry (boxes and suitcases over large furniture pieces or televisions). You can find the suggested packing guide for incoming students on the Residential Education and Housing webpage; though the guide is applicable to all students coming to campus.

Any indoor social gatherings are to be limited to 10 individuals while also remaining 6 feet apart – this guideline will prohibit many traditional events from occurring such as parties in group houses. Additionally, allowable occupancy will be determined for all common areas in residence halls, often limiting the number of students able to gather even further. Student room capacity at any given time for gatherings will be restricted to the number of room occupants plus one (ex. Double rooms will allow for a maximum of three people at any time).
Students who are residing on campus can only travel within the Fox Valley area. Students are highly discouraged from going to bars and restaurants for anything beyond take-out and/or pickup. All members of the campus community are encouraged to minimize visits to shops by planning ahead to reduce the number of trips and time spent in public indoor spaces.
Upon arrival, students will be tested for COVID-19 and will participate in frequent testing and monitoring throughout the term. Students, faculty, and staff will be expected to get the vaccine for influenza, which will be made available by the university. *Waivers will be accepted for religious and medical reasons only.
Masks are required to be worn by all individuals living or working on the Lawrence campus. Masks must be worn when in interior public areas or when gathering in a group both indoors and outdoors. All areas of a residence hall, including hallways, lounges, laundry rooms, etc. are considered interior public areas and thus will require masks to be worn.  The only indoor residence hall space where a mask will not be required is inside of your own student room.
Students who receive a positive COVID-19 test result will be immediately moved to a separate isolation area. Close contacts of infected persons, identified through contact tracing, will be moved to a separate quarantine area and be required to quarantine for 14 days to monitor for symptoms.  We have taken Kohler Hall offline, reserving it to meet student isolation and quarantine needs. *Students who were expecting to live in a room in Kohler Hall will be reassigned to another space on campus. We will be in touch with those students in the coming weeks.
Our regular housing practice of assigning students to the capacity indicated by the type of room (for example, two students to a double room or four students to a four-person suite) will continue. Students who wish to request a single room for a health accommodation should apply online: https://www.lawrence.edu/students/housing/housing_options/housing-accommodations
During your assigned move-in day, each student may have one person assist with moving belongings into the residence hall – all other family or guests will need to remain outside of the halls. During Fall Term, residents will have ID card access to their assigned hall only. Visitors from off campus will not be allowed into the residence halls.

About Us

Included on the following pages is information about living on campus at Lawrence University. Because we are a residential campus, we feel that the experience that you receive in our residence spaces must be meaningful, engaging, and unique. That is why we offer a wide variety of living options and an excellent staff to carry out our program.

At Lawrence, we believe that residential living is the first step in making a life transition. We recognize the importance of allowing our students to be an active participant in their community and because of that, we offer them a variety of opportunities to make decisions regarding their living environment. Each living environment reflects the interests of the students who live there. We encourage students to become a member of a close-knit community and most importantly, to be challenged to experience and learn from others who are different from themselves.

This website is being developed to provide you with an understanding of living at Lawrence. We hope that you find this information helpful and we encourage you to contact our staff for assistance or to answer any questions you may have regarding housing at Lawrence University.

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Housing Deposit Update

To our current students: There will be no Housing Deposit required for the 2020-2021 housing selection process. If you have already paid the deposit, it will be applied to your current balance. If you have a credit (a negative amount), it can be refunded to you or left on your account. Contact student_accounts@lawrence.edu if you have questions.

Plans are being made for the 2020-2021 housing selection process. Read more here.