Following Up

After you have submitted a résumé, be sure to follow up. Call the hiring manager (or the person to whom you addressed your cover letter) about a week after you submit your application or a week after the deadline for applications. You can say:

Hello Mr. Hurvis. My name is Paula Plantz. Last week I submitted a résumé and cover letter in application to the bank teller position with Lawrence National Bank. I wanted to follow-up to make sure you received it.

The employer will likely say that they did receive your application. (If they did not, you can ask if it would be okay to re-send your materials.) They may continue by letting you know that they are reviewing them this week, but if not, you can ask for the timeline of their hiring process or for the status of your application.

Practice this conversation with your roommate or a friend before making the call. It might also be helpful to write out what you want to say, in case you get nervous. Just make sure you aren't reading your notes word for word.