Your favorite...

Professor Gerard is my favorite because he always pushes me to take the next step towards life after college. He has truly helped me make decisions that are smart, so I am able to get the best out of the liberal arts education.

I am a big fan of the waffles, and I like to put some natural peanut butter on them.

I like the Banta Bowl. It’s such a beautiful place to play football.

I love the history of the campus. I also really enjoy all the places you can study because they’re helpful when you need a change. The small size of campus is very nice when walking to class too.

My favorite memory is enjoying LUaroo with everyone in the Quad.

Why did you decide to attend Lawrence?Will

I decided to attend Lawrence after realizing that a wonderful university is in my home town. This great university is giving me the liberal arts education that I want. I am also able to be a student athlete, so I can continue experiencing the sport I love.

What are you studying? Why are you studying this?

I am majoring in History and minoring in German. I’ve always been excited about history and digging deeper into documents. I want to study History, so that I can work towards becoming a lawyer. I plan on using my German minor to possibly pursue international law.

What clubs are you involved in at Lawrence?

I am involved in SAAC. We work to improve Lawrence athletics, and we put together fun events for athletes to enjoy. I am also involved in Delta Tau Delta, a fraternity where I can uniquely participate in the Lawrence and Appleton communities.

How have you benefited from donors while you are at LU?

I really appreciate everyone who donates to Lawrence. Thank you, Lawrence is such a great university because of generous donors. I also appreciate that I am able to receive a great education and that I am able to continue playing football.

What do you think makes Lawrence special or unique?

The blend of different people coming together to form Lawrence. Everyone is super interesting and has something to contribute.