Your favorite...

That’s tough because I have had so many good professors. Professor Barnes is a top contender though. I love being in her classes because she is fun, lively, and engaging. She is also my advisor. She is very approachable, and I can talk to her about almost anything. Her combination of understanding and tough love is exactly what I need.

I really enjoyed Founding of the Just Regime with Professor Wolf. It’s very challenging, but it’s also rewarding. Being in class was a blast because Professor Wolf is hilarious and makes lectures enjoyable. I looked forward to going to that class.

I love the fudge at the holiday dinner before winter break. I’m a sucker for some good fudge, or bad fudge, or any fudge, really.

It is wherever my friends are. However, when I am alone, sometimes, I like to sit and relax or read on Slug Hill.

My favorite memory is meeting some of my closest friends while cleaning carrots at Riverview Gardens during welcome week of my freshman year.

Outside of being a student at Lawrence what do you like to do?  Hobbies?Tali

I love to read! I can never find enough time, and my stack of books that I haven’t gotten to yet keeps on growing. I like to play tennis with my friends back home. It’s fun because none of us are very good. Listening to music is one of my favorite pastimes. Whenever I am walking anywhere, I have my headphones on, and I love to discover new music. Blasting the car radio with the windows down is something I look forward to over the summer.

Why do you feel it is important for our alumni to give back?

It’s a cycle. Students receive so much while they are here and then they make it possible for others to have the same experience. I believe that there shouldn’t be a financial barrier to education, and donations make that possible.

What do you think makes Lawrence special or unique?

The personal attention and relationships people are able to make here because of the size. The people are what make Lawrence really special. Our community is like no other, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What experiences do you think you’re getting at LU that some of your friends at other schools don’t?

At Lawrence there are so many opportunities to join different clubs or groups, as well as have different jobs. There are many different leadership opportunities. For example, I have loved my time as a writing tutor in the Center for Academic Success.

What are your plans after Lawrence? And how is Lawrence helping you get there?

I plan on getting a job and maybe going to grad school one day. I have done a lot of work in arts administration, and a little in journalism, but I’m not picky. Career Services has helped me so much by guiding me in writing resumes, cover letters, and in finding internships. Michelle in career services is great. She is encouraging, and she tells it like it is.