Your favorite...

Martyn Smith! He is a goofy guy who is excited about the world and can take a joke, not to mention his extensive knowledge of religion and modernity, Islam, and all things Darwin.

My favorite class was Freshman Studies because I had two fantastic professors.

I love the grapefruit. I always have two for breakfast, and when I’m feeling adventurous, I have three.

The river bugs. Yes, they are annoying, but they really bring people together.

Improvising music late at night in the conservatory with friends.

Why do you feel it is important for our alumni to give back?Meghan

When alumni give back there is such a massive potential impact, for even a small gift - whether money or time. A little bit of help from alumni has the potential to change the entire trajectory of our lives.

What do you think makes Lawrence special or unique?

Lawrence is special because quirkiness is the norm. I think embracing our own idiosyncrasies is what creates strong communities at Lawrence and is what creates future leaders.

What experiences do you think you’re getting at LU that some of your friends at other schools don’t?

I love the all-school convocations that start with incredible new music, world music, and jazz performances.

What are your plans after Lawrence? And how is Lawrence helping you get there?

As someone with so many interests it is hard to know what path to follow. Next year, I am planning to apply for a master’s degree Fulbright program in Taiwan. If accepted, I will study international relations and potentially apply for a job with the U.S. Foreign Service. I may also apply to Berklee's graduate degree program for Contemporary Performance in Spain. I might also apply to Harvard Divinity School to pursue graduate work in religious studies, with a focus on  religion’s relationship to violence and peace in the modern world.

How has being a student at Lawrence impacted you?

Lawrence has taught me how to critically and compassionately engage with the world. It has also given me the confidence to wear fleece pajamas to a live music party and to improvise music in front of a group.