Your favorite...

German Advanced Composition and Conversation. This was the class that I always looked forward to and I felt like I improved my German so much.

Indonesian style fried rice.

Sabin house makes me feel like I am at home.

My favorite thing about campus is the colorful leaves in the fall.

The 4th floor WARCH, or the library.

Why did you decide to attend Lawrence?Keyla

I decided to attend Lawrence because of the close-knit community and the financial help I received.  As a liberal arts college, Lawrence gave me a little taste of everything, which really helped me decide what I want to study.

What are you studying? Why are you studying this?

I decided to double major in Global Studies and German because I am interested in learning about the culture and social aspects of different countries. I started learning German because of Global Studies, but I became really interested in the language when I spent a month in Munich.

How have you benefited from donors while you are at LU?

Donors have helped me afford Lawrence University; if it wasn’t for their generosity I wouldn’t be studying here.  I was also able to join a language immersion program in Munich last summer with the help of donors.

What do you think makes Lawrence special or unique?
Although it is a small school, Lawrence creates a lot of opportunities for students to thrive in their own field and the professors are always there to help us.

What is your favorite memory or thing to do at Björklunden?

Language immersion is one of my favorite memories at Björklunden! Whenever possible, I make sure to spend time at the Observation Deck. Björklunden is where I saw my first shooting star!