Your favorite...

My favorite class was Gender Studies because it challenged me to question what I grew up knowing about gender and identity. I grew up in a conservative part of Alabama. While, I thought that I was pretty understanding, this class showed me how much I did and didn’t know. I have a new perspective on society now because of that class. It’s honestly such an amazing class.

Anything that is a DIY station.

WARCH is my favorite because it’s the central hub for everybody. I only need to sit in the café in order to be able to catch up with friends and just hang out. Food? Café or Commons. Entertainment? Billiards, Pong, Cinema, or performances at night.

My favorite thing has to be when the trees change colors during the fall. It’s honestly so gorgeous to see, and it makes for some very pretty pictures.

The record breaking blizzard in April. Everybody took advantage of the snow and went sledding, snowball fighting, on treks, and more. I loved it when a snowball fight meet-up was posted on Snapchat, and it circulated around campus. SO many people showed up to the fight!

Why did you decide to attend Lawrence?Juan

I decided to attend Lawrence after coming up for a visit. Out of the three colleges that I visited, Lawrence was the only one that felt like a home away from home. Everybody seemed to know each other, and they were very friendly towards me when I asked questions. Basically, Lawrence is a small school with a big, friendly community.

Outside of being a student at Lawrence what do you like to do?  Hobbies?

I like to fly my drones around campus, fish on the river, hangout in hammocks, spend time with friends, play football, and play pick-up games at the wellness center.

How have you benefited from donors while you are at LU?

Without support from donors, I would not be here at Lawrence.  Your financial help goes a long way for students from lower income backgrounds.

What do you think makes Lawrence special or unique?

The relationship between students and professors makes Lawrence special.  It’s very different than what you see at bigger schools. Professors and students at Lawrence get to know each other on a more personal level. This allows students to make better connections with what they’re learning.

How has being a student at Lawrence impacted you?

It’s allowed me to change my form of thinking. I definitely think more critically, in both the classroom and society.