Your favorite...

My favorite professor would have to be my advisor, Tim Troy. I am a theater minor and really enjoyed his Play Script Analysis class. He has also helped me a lot during my time at LU so far and I am very thankful.

Spring Term of my freshman year I took the art history class Survey II: Renaissance to Modern with Beth Zinsli. I took it because I didn’t know what else to take and it changed my life. I had never taken an art history class before and after that course I decided I wanted to major in it. It was definitely the highlight of my Spring Term that year.

I try to eat different things every time but always end up getting the Caesar salad and a slice of pizza.

I don’t go there that often, but when the weather is nice I love hanging out with my friends at the SLUG hill behind Memorial Hall.

Although I hate it at times, it’s nice being on a small campus where you get to meet almost everyone. You can have your own group of close friends, but everywhere you go or every class you’re in you will probably know someone, which can be comforting.

I like studying in my room, but the place where I can concentrate best is the second floor of the library. It’s not completely quiet, which is good since I find complete silence distracting.

I became close to my current roommates during trivia last year. The Great Midwestern Trivia Contest is a 50-hour-long trivia contest held at Lawrence and it’s crazy. It’s always a weekend of no sleep and a lot of stress, but we bonded over that and now they are some of my closest friends.

What aInes camerare you studying? Why are you studying this?
Art History, with a minor in Theater Arts. I came in as a Theater major but discovered Art History after taking a class at Lawrence and fell in love with it.

Outside of being a student at Lawrence what do you like to do?  Hobbies?
This past year I have become obsessed with film photography. I take my camera everywhere and love capturing moments in my life with some of my favorite people in them. I also love traveling around the world and especially going back home to Barcelona, it’s my favorite city and all its history and art fascinates me.

How have you benefited from donors while you are at LU?
I am able to attend LU thanks to the scholarships I get from the school, which are mostly made possible thanks to donors. Coming from Spain it is very expensive for me to go here, so I am forever grateful for the help that I’m getting.

What does being a Lawrentian mean to you?
It means being a part of a great community of people who care and stand up for each other. There are times in which there are issues on campus or people not feeling comfortable, and it’s amazing to see a lot of students come together as a community to try to solve these problems and support each other. It also means being multi-interested. Liberal arts students see and approach the world in a different way than other college students and at this point I don’t think I could be anywhere else.

What are your plans for after Lawrence?
I plan to either go back to Barcelona or spend a year in New York and hopefully get a job in the art museum world. I think both of those cities have a lot to offer when it comes to my two main interests, art history and acting. I kind of like not really knowing what the future has in store for me, but I really hope to end up working in one of those fields.

What clubs are you involved in at Lawrence?
I’m planning to start my own club/group on campus dedicated to the nonprofit organization I helped fund back in 2014 called Books Up, focused on providing books in English and educational resources to kids in developing countries such as India, Cambodia and Vietnam. I have also gone on two Spring Break trips with Habitat for Humanity, which I really enjoyed.