Your favorite...

This is a difficult question to answer since I’ve had many great professors during my time at Lawrence, but I would have to say Professor McNeill from the classics department. McNeill’s lectures are extraordinary, and he got me interested in a field of study that is completely different from my own. His stories about events in Roman and Greek history are both hilarious and informative, and I would highly recommend taking a course with him if possible.

I enjoyed biochemistry of viruses, because it examined topics in virology from an interdisciplinary perspective. We learned about the cellular mechanisms that viruses hijack, their historical context, and future concerns about potential pandemics.

1. Make a waffle 2. Put Ice cream on the waffle. 3. Eat the waffle.

The main hall green is nice, especially if you have a hammock! In the winter, I like to hang out in the Atrium of Steitz since there is a great view of the snow.

Thursday night trivia at the Viking Room! My favorite part is the elaborate team names students come up with. I’m still waiting for a biology themed mystery section.

Outside of being a student at Lawrence what do you like to do?  Hobbies?Hunter

I play the electric bass, and I like to read. Through the campus music culture, I have been able to keep pursuing my hobbies at Lawrence.

Why did you decide to attend Lawrence?

It was the small class sizes and collaborative atmosphere that most contributed to my decision to attend Lawrence. As a pre-medical student, I wanted to avoid the hyper-competitive environment that is present at many large institutions. By encouraging their students to work together, Lawrence better prepares students for a wide variety of careers.

What are you studying? Why are you studying this?

I study biology; my current academic interest is rabies epidemiology in the Indian Himalaya, where I work with organizations in the region to vaccinate dogs to prevent the spread of the disease. I am also interested in vascular neuroscience and am conducting research this summer on concussions in pediatric patients. While these two areas of study may seem disparate, both disproportionately harm children and integrate several biological systems—aspects that make them very important topics to study from a health perspective.

What experiences do you think you’re getting at LU that some of your friends at other schools don’t?

My developmental biology class has seven students including myself, and a professor who is an expert in her field. This model of learning is simply not achievable at many other schools, and yet it is in these small classes where I learn the most. I know many of my professors personally, which has allowed me to establish a professional network during college.

How has being a student at Lawrence impacted you?

My time at Lawrence has completely changed my path in life. At Lawrence I discovered my passion for medicine and have been provided with the tools to make this dream a reality. The pre-medical committee has been very supportive of my pursuit of medicine and have provided guidance along the way. It is difficult to imagine where I would be without the mentors and friends that I have met during my time at Lawrence.