Your favorite...

Professor Caruthers is so supportive all the time and gives the best lectures. Even when attendance is not required, the classroom is always packed. Her introductory class of Economics is the reason I decided to pursue it as a major.

I enjoyed Professor Ansfield’s intro to psychology class very much. He always makes the class engaging and informative. This class is a great opportunity for me to understand myself better and answered many questions I have had for years. He is extremely passionate about this subject and his students.

Eggs Benedict and French toast at Sunday brunch. My all-time favorite! It’s the time when I forget about calories and have three Eggs Benedict in a row. I get up early on Sunday just to get those.

The Wellness Center. It’s the place to keep myself energetic all the time. College is tough so I need to be tougher than daily tasks.

Incredible diversity. I am always surprised at how diverse Lawrence is. In the middle of Wisconsin there are students from all over the world. What’s a better way to learn a culture than through talking to someone from that country? On this small campus, I get so many opportunities to know about different cultures in the world.

I like to study on the third floor of library where I can get a gorgeous view of the campus. Third floor is a good balance between the socializing going on the first and second floor and the solemnness of the fourth floor.

The time when I went to Björklunden with LUCC. The place has such an incredible view and we made good progress in streamlining the LUCC general council during the retreat. At night by the bonfire we were singing along with the guitar and savoring the starlight; it felt like a movie.

What Andy Wang with bookare you studying? Why are you studying this?
Economics- a combination of both social and natural science. It is a revelation of how the world works.

Outside of being a student at Lawrence what do you like to do?  Hobbies?
I am currently working on my second book and write a column for a few e magazines in China. Running my own nonprofit is rewarding and challenging.  There are two chapters at the moment: the chapter at Lawrence and the headquarter team with volunteers from 4 different countries. We are soon starting two new chapters in Canada and Moscow. We will be sponsoring 50 students to go to school by the end of 2018.
Playing tennis and eating sushi are my two escapes. As a professional JV tennis player (I never made the varsity tennis team in high school), I enjoy the moment when the racket hit the ball. The subtle difference hits calm me down every time.

How have you benefited from donors while you are at LU?
I received a humanitarian grant to build a library in Nepal this summer where we will donate books and help set up a local library. Delivering lectures about water purification and living with people in extreme poverty will also be a part of this amazing experience. It is the generosity of donors that made it happen.

What does being a Lawrentian mean to you?
Being warm, nice and diligent all the time.

What are your plans for after Lawrence?
I want to go into business and I believe the skills I learned here at Lawrence would be greatly beneficial. Writing articles and running the Andy Reading Fund are going to be my life long projects.

What clubs are you involved in at Lawrence?
Lawrence Swing Dance, Slackline Club, Food Recovery, and the Andy Reading Fund.