Jane Whitney receives presidential award

Through her dedication to Bjӧrklunden and her passion for the beauty it beholds, Jane Whitney truly deserved to be honored with the 2016 Richard Warch Outstanding Service to Björklunden Award.

Jane is Bjӧrklunden’s dedicated naturalist. She has spent her entire life learning about nature, and when she moved to Baileys Harbor in 2007, Jane wanted to acclimate to Door County’s unique and natural setting. She began utilizing Bjӧrklunden’s trails with her granddaughter, eventually becoming so familiar with the setting that she offered to lead hikes during the seminar season.

As one of Björklunden’s greatest ambassadors, Jane is constantly advocating for its programs. She loves talking about the seminars, the Boynton Chapel and the wonders of nature found on the property. She has been heavily involved with the maintenance of Björklunden’s beauty.  When phragmites took over Björklunden’s lakefront, she became certified by the Department of Natural Resources to remove the invasive species. While Jane scouts for her weekly hikes, she monitors changes in the woods, watches for invasive plants or bugs and keeps an eye out for vandalism.

Jane does something at the lodge every season: decorating the lodge at Christmas, volunteering for the spring cleanup, attending summer seminars, leading chapel tours during the summer and fall. But Jane’s favorite thing to do at Björklunden is lead hikes during the summer and fall. Her “I-can-learn-that” attitude has not only given Björklunden participants a wealth of knowledge, but also an immense amount of joy and appreciation. During each of her hikes, Jane seeks to make nature accessible and show how the botanical world influences time.


Jane helps educate and remind us about being part of the natural world and how lucky we are to have a place like Bjӧrklunden in our lives. Congratulations and thank you to Jane!

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