From your co-chairs

Portrait of Jeff & Jone Riester
Thank you to those who were able to join us at the annual Boynton Society Gala this year. It was my pleasure to welcome each of you to Bjӧrklunden and to now thank you all for your generous support of this beautiful Northwoods home for Lawrence University.

Your support has truly made an impact. On that note, each year I give a few statistics for you "numbers geeks," so here goes: A total of 646 individuals made gifts to Bjӧrklunden last academic year; 362 came from members of the Boynton Society. Together, we raised over $244,600! Over $226,000 of the dollars came from Boynton Society donors, covering approximately 30 percent of Bjӧrklunden’s operating budget.

This accomplishment shows how important the Boynton Society is to Lawrence's mission here at the "northern campus." Along with the enhanced upkeep of the property, your gifts provide Lawrence students with the opportunity to experience Bjӧrklunden each weekend throughout the academic year. We had 1,683 students stay at this retreat last year alone. It's this student experience that is at the heart of what happens here.

You will see a couple of our summer seminars featured in this issue, and we hope you were able to visit the lodge this year as well. While we had over 530 guests attend 35 seminars this summer, we are hoping for more guests to join us going forward. Please continue to attend the seminars yourself or recommend them to family and friends.

Whether you are a Lawrence graduate, a Door County resident, a longtime friend of the lodge, a seminar regular or, like Jone and me, some combination of all those things, Bjӧrklunden is a place that extends unique learning opportunities to students of all ages. That is why I hope you will all continue to celebrate and support this wonderful place.

Jeff ’70 and Jone Riester ’72
Co-Chairs, The Boynton Society


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