Another successful summer

It has been a busy summer at Björklunden! Thank you to the 538 people who joined us at Bjӧrklunden to attend one of our fantastic summer seminar offerings this year. We hope you enjoyed your vacation with a focus! Many unique adventures and thought-provoking conversations were had. From opera legend Dale Duesing to ABC’s foreign correspondent Terry Moran ’82 and from Apostle Thomas to herbalism, seminar participants were able to engage with a wide variety of instructors and enjoy an expansive selection of topics.

Guests were able to enjoy weekly nature walks with Jane Whitney and take in the student talent show on Tuesday evenings.

As the seminar season begins to come to a close, Björklunden is looking forward to next year and all the adventures to come!

Watercolor: The Expressive Medium
Helen Klebesadel has offered her annual Bjӧrklunden watercolor seminars since 1996, and many of her participants have joined her at the lodge every year since then! Participants become part of a creative community that invites them to experiment with a wide range of traditional and non-traditional watercolor techniques and learn to create strong, individualized artistic statements.

We are fortunate to enjoy some photos of their wonderful work this year.

This assortment of trading cards was a tradition that began many years ago. Each participant does 22, then they swap and go home with 21 beautiful original works of art.



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