Financial Services is made up of the following areas:

  • Accounting - handles general ledger transactions including budgetary items
  • Accounts Payable - processes the payment of invoices 
  • Expense reimbursements - reporting is handled through CERTIFY (see link in MY LU)
  • Purchasing card program - our campus program is with JP Morgan CHASE and reporting is handled through CERTIFY (see link in MY LU)
  • Student Accounts  - assists with all student billing and payments
  • Cashier and Advances- assists with cash needs of campus activities located in room 206 at 1025 E South River Street

Financial Services Sharepoint

Visit the Financial Services Sharepoint site to learn more about our services.


Notaries on campus are available to witness the signing of important documents.  A notary verifies your signature on a document, not the validity of the document itself.  If you need a document notarized, please provide the notary with two forms of identification (one with your signature).

  • Rosie Cannizzo - Conservatory - Music-Drama Center - 920-832-6614
  • Robin Bettis - Human Resources - 1025 E. South River Street - 920-832-6564