Reunion Outside Crowd

Hello, Reunion Committee Members!

Thank you for helping plan your Reunion! We look forward to seeing you on campus June 13-16 for Reunion 2024.

Reunion 2022 15th Cluster

We’ll be celebrating Reunions for the following classes and clusters.

  • 10th Reunion: Class of 2014
  • 20th Reunion: Classes of 2003, 2004, 2005
  • 25th Reunion: Class of 1999
  • 40th Reunion: Class of 1984
  • 45th Reunion: Classes of 1978, 1979, 1980
  • 50th Reunion: Class of 1974
Reunion 2012 small group

Volunteer Portal

Utilize the Volunteer Portal to help with your peer-to-peer outreach.

Reunion Award Winners 2023

Alumni Awards

Reunion is a time to celebrate the impact of our alumni on the world. Nominate yourself or a classmate for an alumni award. Nominations are due by October 20.

Reunion 2022 looking at past photos

Relive Reunions past here!

Have you been back to campus for Reunion?  If so, maybe you'll catch a glimpse your classmates here.  And if you're planning on returning to campus for your 10th--or 50th!--in 2024, these shots will give you a sense of what to expect!