For as much as the brain thinks it knows, there is always so much more to learn.

That’s where you come in. Technically, that’s where the tiny electric neurons firing in your head come in. They power a light that only shines brighter with the help of close faculty collaboration, hands-on research, and independent study in Lawrence’s neuroscience program. Explore the ever-growing world of behavioral studies, psychology, and more as you dive deep into the world of the brain.

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Student Perspective

“I chose Lawrence primarily because it was a small school, and I knew that there were a lot of opportunities for undergrads. For example, as a freshman, I got into a neuroscience research lab, and I’ve been working there ever since. Most schools don’t have that opportunity open to freshmen, let alone undergrads in general.”

Jessica Smith ‘26
Biochemistry, Neuroscience
Mesa, Arizona 


The Scholar Athlete | This is Lawrence

Senior Ceara Larson, Natural Sciences Interdisciplinary Major (Biology-Physics) and Viking Softball Catcher, combines her work in class and on the field to research the biomechanics of a softball swing.

From biology to behavior, everything about the brain.

Learn more about a major or minor in neuroscience.

Explore the research specialties of the neuroscience faculty.

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Live, laugh, lab.

A key component of the neuroscience program is access to labs on Lawrence’s campus, as well as collaborations with labs at UW-Madison and beyond to provide you with hands-on experience.

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Funded Research Opportunities

Good work takes good support, which is why funding for research exists. Immerse yourself in intensive research with a stipend to back your work.

The Chandler Senior Experience

You will work closely with neuroscience program faculty to develop your Senior Experience from either a psychology senior capstone, biology senior capstone, or a neuroscience independent study.

Recent Senior Experience projects include:

  • Therapeutic Potential of Vitamins on Periodontitis Induced Cognitive Deficits
  • Sex Specific Effects of Vitamin B on Behavior and Cognition in a Mouse Model of Ischemic Stroke
Student adjusts mortar board at Commencement 2021

Neuroscience Outcomes

Apply your Chandler Senior Experience research to propel yourself towards advanced study, lab positions, or any number of brain-based careers.

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