• First floor, near the reference desk, next to the stairs
  • Second floor, outside the ITC computer lab
  • Color prints can be retrieved from the first floor copier. 
  • Students do have a printing quota. See the Campus Printing page for amounts and a long list of frequently asked questions. This page also includes information about how to print using the release stations.
Computer for releasing print jobs on a wooden stand next to a large printer.

Printer & Release Station


  • Located on the first floor, near the circulation desk. 
  • In addition to coins and dollars, students may use Viking Gold by swiping their student ID cards.
  • The copier can do black & white and color copying and color printing.
  • Copy fees are as follows: 8 1/2" x 11"  and 8 1/2" x 14" pages are 15 cents per side for black & white and 40 cents per side for color; 11" x 17" pages are 30 cents per side for black & white and 80 cents per side for color.
copy machine and vend unit

Copier & Vend Unit


  • First floor, to the right of the circulation desk. Both scanners save to a USB flash drive. The KIC scanner can also email files.
  • First floor, near the CD cabinets. This scanner is for use with PhotoScore music transposition software.
  • Second floor, inside the ITC computer lab.
copy machine and vend unit

USB & Email Scanners

Microform Scanning

  • The library has a ViewScan II digital microform scanner. It will scan a variety of microform materials, including microfilm, microfiche, and micro opaque cards.
  • The ViewScan II software allows editing of page images and the option to save to a flash drive or print.
  • The microform scanner is located on the first floor in the microfilm reading annex to the right of the stairs, near the reference desk.