The Seeley G. Mudd Library supports and promotes the visual arts in a variety of mediums. As a place for learning and self-reflection, we believe the library is the perfect place to showcase the artistic products of our students as well as additional pieces to inspire, provoke thought, and commemorate. The Mudd Library houses a permanent collection, temporary installations, and the Mudd Gallery.

Student Art

Students are encouraged to display their art in the library and propose temporary art installations. Those who wish to do so should contact Peter Gilbert, the Library Director. Some of the previously displayed art can be viewed from the following links:

Permanent Collections

Collections include the Tom Dietrich Gallery, the Roger Dale Kruse Room collection and the Gallery of Presidents. Photographs of the presidential portraits, along with descriptions of the subject and artist can be found in the Lawrence University Presidential Portraits collection in Lux.

Permanent Works of Art in the Library

First Floor
Outside Director's Office
Hope by Jennifer Halbman (2009 - Ballpoint Pen, Gold Leaf, Gesso on Newspaper). Halbman graduated from Lawrence in 2009 and was a recipient of the Senior Art Exhibition Award.
Fluid by Natasha Prouty (2005 - Copper). Prouty graduated from Lawrence in 2005 and was a recipient of the Senior Art Exhibition Award.
Dreamer 8/25 by Glenna Goodacre
Lung Transplant by Megan Fonstad
Wall outside 127
Popped by Sarah I. Bowen (2001 - Ceramic, Acrylic, Epoxy, Nails). Bowen graduated from Lawrence in 2001 and was a recipient of the Senior Art Exhibition Purchase Award.
Milwaukee-Downer Room
Chapman Memorial Library, Milwaukee-Downer College
John B. Johnson Jr. (1951-1964) President.
Floral Still Life by Marjorie Logan
Ellen C. Sabin by Emily Groom (Charcoal)
Ellen Sabin by Louis Betts (ca. 1912 - Oil). Sabin was president of Milwaukee-Downer College, 1891-1921.
Lucia R. Briggs by Emily Groom
Above the entrance in the Milwaukee-Downer Room
Crew Oar from Milwaukee-Downer College
Outside the Milwaukee-Downer Room
Map of Milwaukee-Downer College dated 1927
wrap a madela around me so that i may become transcendent (day #3) by Nolan Riegler (2004 - mixed media). Riegler graduated from Lawrence in 2004 and was a recipient of the Senior Art Exhibition Purchase Award.
Circulation Office
Nantucket by Emily Groom (Watercolor)
Lake Atitlan by Emily Groom (Watercolor)
Reserve Room
Park with Figures II by Altman (1964)
Towards Elizabeth by Thomas Locker
South Wall near Scores
Union by Justine Reimnitz
Outside Lincoln Reading Room
Portrait of Nathan Paine, Major, 1st Wisconsin Calvary. Painter Unknown. Gift of the Phi Delta Fraternity.
Portrait of Lincoln by E.C. Middleton (1864 - Chromolithograph). Gift of Professor Emeritus Ben and Mrs. Kay Schneider.
The First Reading of the Emancipation Proclamation Before the Cabinet by Alexander Hay Ritchie (1864 - engraving).
Lincoln Reading Room
A Portrait of Lincoln by Schneider (pencil).
Gettysburg Pose by Alexander Gardner (1862 - photograph). Printed from the original collodium glass plate negative.
Photograph of Lincoln by Alexander Hester (1860).
Abraham Lincoln by Leonard Wells Volk (1860 - alvastone, bronze bust).
The Council of War by John Rogers (1868 - painted plaster).
Life Mask of Abraham Lincoln by Leonard Wells Volk (1860). Bronze cast of original.
Casts of Lincoln's hands by Leonard Wells Volk (1860). Bronze casts of original.
Top of score range outside 115
Ustrasana (camel pose) by John Palmquist (2007 - crystalline rock). John Palmquist is Professor Emeritus of Geology.
Wall outside 116
Sing While Pounding the Rice by My-Linh Nguyen (2002 - silkscreen and linocut print). Nguyen graduated from Lawrence in 2002 and was a recipient of the Senior Art Exhibition Purchase Award.
Media Center
Synthetic(s) by Melissa Joy Kozlik (2000 - Scanning Electron Micrograph). Kozlik graduated from Lawrence in 2000 and was a recipient of the Senior Art Exhibition Purchase Award.
Under stairway
Seated Figure by Mary Markowitz (2003)
Second Floor
West Wall
Fox River Paper Co., Appleton by Thomas Dietrich
Brooding Mountain by Harriet Fitzgerald
The Tree by King
Main Hall by Swenson
Elvis + Marilyn 2X Immortal
Andanté by Roy Cohen
Raven Ascending by B. Herem
Monitored Views of a Spectre in a Terminal by Win Jones
Golden Shape by Arthur Thrall
Seated Nude II by Linda Renz Parlato M-D
Mononucleostler by Kate Ostler
Third Floor
Gallery of Past Presidents and Founders of Lawrence University and Milwaukee-Downer College
Samuel Plantz by Francis Cranmer Greenman (1923 - Oil). Plantz was president of Lawrence University, 1894-1924.
Henry Merritt Wriston by Robert K. Fletcher (1944 - Oil). Wriston was president of Lawrence University, 1925-1937
Thomas Nichols Barrows by F.R. Harper (ca. 1943 - Oil). Barrows was president of Lawrence University, 1937-1943
Douglas Maitland Knight by Tom Dietrich (1963 - Oil). Knight was president of Lawrence University, 1954-1963
Curtis William Tarr by Lester W. Bentley (1969 - Oil). Tarr was president of Lawrence University, 1963-1969
Thomas S. Smith by Keith David Hoover (1979 - Oil). Smith was president of Lawrence University, 1969-1979
Additional portraits of founders and presidents of Lawrence University and Milwaukee-Downer College are also included in this gallery.
Fourth Floor
North Wall - Tom Dietrich Gallery (from Room 401 to West Wall)
Main Hall by, Tom Dietrich (1952)
Morning After Rain, Lake Nebagamon, WI by, Tom Dietrich (1937)
Torch Lake Beach by Tom Dietrich, in memory of Suzanne McCarthy (1934-1954)
Untitled by Tom Dietrich in honor of Dr. Dorothy Waples (1979), donated by Dr. Andrew and Mrs. Bernice Bixler.
Window Opening on Lake Nakomis by Tom Dietrich (1963)
Lake Nakomis I by Tom Dietrich
View of College Avenue, 1882 by Tom Dietrich (1957 - Casein), donated by Mr. and Mrs. Guy E. McCorison.
A watercolor by Tom Dietrich (1995)
An oil painting by Tom Dietrich, donated by Stanley Severson 1995.
A watercolor by Tom Dietrich (1947)
Room 401
Yachting I by Robert Von Neumann (aquatint and drypoint etching with hand coloring)
Cranes by C.S. Whymper (1910- Watercolor)
Yachting II by Robert Von Neumann (aquatint and drypoint etching with hand coloring)
Roger Dale Kruse Room
The works of art in this room were donated by Judge D. Michael Lynn '65 from the collection of his late partner, Roger Dale Kruse.
Flower Market by Jules R. Herve
L'Eoucerue by Jules R. Herve
Parisian Courtyard by Andre Renoux
Parisian Street Scene by Andre Renoux
Place de Bastille by Edouard Cortes
Port St. Denis by Edouard Cortes

Mudd Gallery LogoMudd Gallery

The Mudd Gallery is a space in which students and faculty are given the opportunity to formally display their works in a variety of exhibits. While the space is located in the Mudd Library, it is managed by the Department of Art & Art History in the Wriston Art Center. This space has exhibited works from the Photography Club, Tropos (the student art & literary magazine), various studio art courses, solo student shows, and more. 

To view pictures of Mudd Gallery exhibits, see our Flickr album, including Stones in the Mudd other Mudd Gallery exhibits.