Using the Makerspace During the 2020-21 School Year

For Fall term 2020, we'll continue to create things for students, faculty, and staff as needed for academic and course work by submitting this project request form.

If you need to work in the makerspace, only 2 individuals at a time will be permitted in the space. First check to see if there is an opening when you'd like to use the space in the calendar below, then submit the Reserving the Makerspace form.

Laser Cutter Training Request Form

Due to the safety risks, material costs, and high maintenance and repair costs, use of the laser cutter will be limited to mostly academic-related work.
Our Glowforge laser cutter can cut and etch materials up to 12" x 20" in size and between 1/4" and 1/2" thick (though the tray can be removed for thicker objects).
To arrange time for laser cutter training, please complete the form below. Contact makerspace staff with any questions.

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