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As part of Lawrence's effort to mitigate the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), Mursell House has reopened for employees, but will be closed to visitors (business associates, non-Lawrence employees, professional colleagues, and personal contacts are not permitted until further notice). Only one employee will be in the building on a given day. When we are not in our office on campus, we will be working remotely; the best way to contact us is email.

Please protect yourself. To learn more and get the latest updates about COVID-19, please refer to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Kristin McKinley (6/15/2020)

The Office of Research Administration (ORA) is responsible for collecting and analyzing institutional research data, facilitating and supporting research activities among members of the university community, and reporting and disseminating information useful for establishing policies and making decisions.

Specifically, ORA

  • conducts studies and provides information requested by administration, departments, faculty, staff, and student groups on topics relevant to the university
  • responds to requests from federal, state, and local agencies for data and statistical information on the university
  • participates in comparative, peer-institution studies
  • collaborates with administrative and academic units in designing research and preparing grants and contracts
  • informs the university community about results of studies through regularly published reports, summaries, and updates

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The AIR Forum has gone virtual! A limited number (12 to be exact) of speaker or panel sessions were selected from among the top-rated sessions to be presented as simulated-live sessions (pre-recorded session with a live Q&A chat).  

  • Sarah Dunnagan and Kristin McKinley were selected to present SUCCESSion Planning!
  • Kristin McKinley, Bethany Miller, & Georgeanna Robinson were selected to present Advocating for Student Success Through Data-Informed Decision Support!