Mission Statement

The Office of Research Administration (ORA) is responsible for collecting and analyzing institutional research data, facilitating and supporting research activities among members of the university community, and reporting and disseminating information useful for establishing policies and making decisions.

Specifically, ORA

  • conducts studies and provides information requested by administration, departments, faculty, staff, and student groups on topics relevant to the university
  • responds to requests from federal, state, and local agencies for data and statistical information on the university
  • participates in comparative, peer-institution studies
  • collaborates with administrative and academic units in designing research and preparing grants and contracts
  • informs the university community about results of studies through regularly published reports, summaries, and updates

Current Data

See Institutional Data and Information for new data! The 2019 Fall Profile is now available and 2019-20 Common Data Set should be posted by November 30.  

Data Scene

Lawrence in the News: Success in STEM

"The 2014 Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) report Strengthening the STEM Pipeline: The Contributions of Small and Mid-Sized Independent Colleges demonstrated the critical role this sector of higher education institutions plays in preparing its students for success in obtaining undergraduate and graduate degrees in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields." 

Lawrence ranked as follows:

• 17th in the nation for U.S. baccalaureate-origin institutions of 2007-2016 STEM doctorate recipients by institutional-yield ratio, 13th among liberal arts institutions, and 4th among our peer schools (Table A5 on page A31). It is worth noting that our overall 17th ranking places us ahead of Princeton (ranked 18th) and just behind Harvard (ranked 16th) and Yale (ranked 14th). 
• 29th in the nation for U.S. baccalaureate-origin institutions of 2007-2016 women STEM doctorate recipients by institutional-yield ratio, 25th among liberal arts institutions, and 6th among our peer schools (Table A6 on page A33). 

Celebration Time! Recent Publication and Upcoming Presentation

Congratulations to Dr. Rose Theisen, who conducted research with undergraduate students at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire, and it was recently published in the Chemistry Education Research and Practice Journal by the Royal Society of Chemistry! Read the entire article.

Congratulations to Sarah Dunnagan and Kristin McKinley whose proposal, "Benefits of Succession Planning and Secrets of Leadership Development", was accepted for presentation at the annual Association for Institutional Research in the Upper Midwest conference scheduled for November 7-8, 2019 in Bloomington, MN. Kristin was also an invited panelist on "Getting Involved in AIR and AIRUM" with Adam Johnson, Tracy Williams, and Natalie Solverson. 

Cooperative Institutional Research Program

CIRP Survey LogoThe CIRP Freshman Survey was administered on September 9, 2019 as part of Welcome Week. The survey collects data on incoming students' background characteristics, high school experiences, and attitudes, behaviors, and expectations for college. We will share an infographic as soon as the data become available on our web page. Thanks to all who participated!

A special thanks to the following staff members who helped proctor the survey this year: Kate Bellingar, Erin Buenzli, Andy Guenther-Pal, Rachel Hart, Rich Jazdzewski (all from Wellness Services), Rose Wasielewski (Student Life), Abby Screnock (Athletics), and Rose Theisen (Research Administration). Thanks to Greg Griffin, Royce Hill, Jody Fraleigh, and Curt Lauderdale for their behind-the-scenes assistance. A special thanks to all of the student proctors: Gabe Baker, Cade Braynen, Amanda Chin, Susie Francy, Allison Marquardt, Jack McGee, Galini Poimenidou, and Tess Seering!