The Sambistas is a drumming ensemble that performs grooves from traditional Rio de Janeiro Carnaval Samba to Samba Reggae from Salvadaor, Bahia to originals, transcriptions and arrangements that include many different types of influences from Cuban to Indian Tabla drumming. Samba has a vibrant culture and impactful history, and has largely influenced the many different styles and genres that we play and listen to today. Specific to Brazil, samba has its own unique style, rhythms, and swing. Our goal in Sambistas is to try and create an authentic and high quality sound and experience similar to the samba schools in Brazil.  Rehearsals are all taught by rote, meaning that there is no sheet music involved and participants learn passages by ear from a group leader. Musicians of all levels benefit from participating as the rote teaching method emphasizes the aural skills necessary in all styles of music.  Most importantly, this is music that revolves around community and celebration: the Sambistas does just that by performing in LUPÉ concerts, campus events, and performing at schools around the Fox Valley area. The Sambistas are here to get you to groove and dance! 


  • Open to music majors and non-majors through audition/interview with Dane Richeson. 
  • Performing at a variety of events throughout the year, the Sambistas are one of the most popular student groups on campus and in the community.

Lawrence University Percussion Ensemble, winner of the 2014 Percussive Arts Society World Percussion Ensemble Competition, presents a showcase concert on November 20, 2014 at PASIC. Featuring guest artists Valerie Naranjo (Gyil), Nani Agbeli (dance), and José Encarnación (sax).

An excerpt of Sambistas performing Batucada Show in March 2020.

Sambistas perform a traditional Brazilian Batucada at the 2013 Kaleidoscope concert.