Kinkaviwo, meaning Children of Kinka, is the African drumming ensemble at Lawrence. The group primarily performs music of the Ewe people from the Volta region of Ghana. The pieces include Azdogbo, Gahu, Adzrowo and Kinka. This style of music utilizes a call and response between the master or lead drum and the rest of the ensemble. All performances include singing, dancing and drumming, and students are encouraged to learn and perform these different elements.

In 2014, Kinkaviwo performed as a subset of LUPÉ at the Percussion Arts Society conference.  Click here to watch the performance and learn more about PAS.

An excerpt of Kinkaviwo performing Bawa in November 2019.

Nani Agbeli performs with LU's Kinkaviwo group in November 2010.

"Kinkaviwo appeals to me because this music brings the community together—dancers, drummers, and audience members. While I practice individually to master my part, I get such immense joy at rehearsals because of how many people this music brings together. We have students not only from the percussion studio, but also from the conservatory and students from the college, together to create a powerful performance."

-Irene Durbak, Percussion and Music Education major