Keegan White

Education: Bachelor of Music in Instrumental Music Education, Lawrence University, ’06; Master of Arts in Educational Technology, Western Michigan University

Hometown: Bloomington, IN

Favorite places: Rugged coasts (ex: Croatia) and alpine valleys (ex: Yosemite)

Favorite movies or TV shows: Breaking Bad, Parks & Recreation, Good Will Hunting, Mrs. Doubtfire

Favorite food: Homemade pesto on fresh pasta

Hobbies: Saxophone, biking, hiking, traveling

Favorite "Lawrence Minute" video: Kaleidoscope 5

When you visit Appleton, be sure to: Eat a meal at one of our many excellent local restaurants.

When you visit Lawrence, check out: A class, performance, or event; see our students and faculty in action – they are what makes Lawrence stand out.

Favorite Appleton restaurant: Apollon (better Greek than any Greektown I’ve visited!)

Three words to describe Lawrentians: Inquisitive, insightful, inventive.

Best day at Lawrence is: Senior Dinner; when all the seniors and their professors join together and celebrate four years of growth, challenges, triumphs, and opportunities ahead!

Advice to prospective Lawrentians’ parents: Keep the lines of communication open; especially about finances and career aspiration. Listen to your child as they talk about their goals, and support them in researching, applying to, and visiting a number of good-fit schools. No college visit is a waste; the more colleges your child experiences, the clearer that final choice will be. But this can be an extremely stressful and emotional process. Help your child manage their stress and set reasonable expectations for the number of applications and visits, and a budget for their college years.

Advice to prospective Lawrentians: Enjoy the journey and pursue exciting [read: scary] opportunities. Your family, friends, and faulty will be there to support you, and you’ll learn and grow a lot along the way.