Special Circumstance Request

To request a special circumstance review, PLEASE SUBMIT ALL of the following documents to the Financial Aid Office. 

In addition to the information below, you must also complete the Financial Aid Checklist requirementsDocuments can be submitted to the Financial Aid Office by email, fax or mail. 

1. Special Circumstance Form (PDF)

  • Include the student's name and date of birth
  • Be sure to include key things, such as: dates (when did things occur?), names (who was affected?), and specific dollar amounts.
  • Statement must be signed by parent or student

2. Tax documents  

  • Signed copy of 2020 Federal Tax Return (when available)
  • Copy of 2020 W-2 Forms (when available)

3. Supporting documentation

  • Requests will not be considered until supporting documentation is provided. 
  • Examples: medical bills, termination letter, court records, billing statements, etc.