Experience Lawrence through the eyes of a graduating Lawrentian with our 360-degree immersive student profiles! 

Life after Lawrence presents many exciting opportunities for our graduating Lawrentians, ready to thrive in a rapidly changing world. Most take their first steps into careers. Many continue their education in medical, law or graduate school. Still others will embrace opportunities to spend a year on a fellowship. Here are just a few who shared their Lawrence experiences with us.

Nabor Vázquez '19

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Major: Biology

Next Step: Post Graduate Associate, Yale University

“I am very grateful for all of the experiences that I've had, and professors that believed in me. At Lawrence everyone brings their own perspective, and it's a place where I know that I belong and I am accepted.

Meghan Murphy '19

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Majors: Performance and Religious Studies

Next Step: Watson Fellowship, violin-inspired exploration

“Music has been a thread throughout my entire life, and Lawrence has provided me with experiences that remind me why I play and why I want to keep playing. That's also what I am interested in exploring with the Watson, how communities are using music to create meaningful experiences 

Jason Lau '19

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Major: Environmental Studies

Next Step: Wayne State University School of Medicine Research Fellowship

“Coming into Lawrence I tried everything from philosophy to business and marketing.  I was really engaged throughout my entire experience, from founding a bike shop and cycling club to participating in research and presentations. It all backs up the way I choose to live my life and find meaning in it.

Nina Wilson '19

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Majors: Government and Russian Studies

Next Step: Russian Studies Program Coordinator, WorldChicago

“Lawrence has a really strong sense of community, both with the students and with the faculty. Working as a writing tutor on campus has been a really valuable experience and participating in Lawrence improv is how I've met some of my best friends.

Kir-Sey Fam '19

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Majors: Mathematics, Computer Science and Russian Studies

Next Step: Software Engineer, Disney

“It's been really freeing to explore whatever interests I have, even if they're in seemingly very different fields. Having this background in computer science, math and Russian studies, has given me a new perspective.