Life after Lawrence presents many exciting opportunities for our graduating Lawrentians, ready to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Most take their first steps into careers. Many continue their education in medical, law or graduate school. Still others will embrace opportunities to spend a year on a fellowship. Here are just a few who came into the studio to share their plans with us.

Andres Capous '17

Hometown: San Jose, Costa Rica
Major: Economics
Next Step: Territory Account Representative, BCDVideo

I'm looking forward to expanding business operations all across Latin America and the Caribbean. I'm excited to join the BCDVideo family, and learn a lot from folks that have great expertise in the field.”

Tammy (Mingfei) Li '17

Hometown: Jiamusi, China
Major: Performance (Piano)
Next Step: Master's in Piano Performance at Indiana University’s Jacobs School of Music

"I'm excited about starting my master's program at Jacobs School of Music! I am humbled and honored to be granted the Artistic Excellence Award. I'm looking forward to working with even more excellent musicians."

Max Loebl '17

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
Majors: Russian Studies, Government
Next Steps: Refugee Resettlement Intern,
Heartland Alliance

Critical Reading and Writing Instructor,
ENREACH Education

“I am excited to apply the skills I have learned through research at Lawrence to my upcoming roles. My position with Heartland Alliance will offer me the chance to assist refugees from across the globe. With ENREACH Education, I am extremely excited to have the opportunity to teach abroad, in an organization that values liberal arts. I look forward to the culturally immersive experience and to sharpening my Mandarin."

Chris Gore-Gammon '17

Hometown: Appleton, WI
Major: Film Studies
Next Step: Videographer at Lawrence University

“I explored three different majors before I found my place in film studies.
I was given the freedom to pursue a Senior 
Experience in virtual reality, which pushed my physical, mental and creative limits. Innovation through technology is my life’s work, and I look forward to continuing this pursuit in my new position.”

Mattias Soderqvist '17

Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden
Major: Economics
Next Step: Strategy and Operations Consultant, Priority Group, Stockholm, Sweden

“I'm excited to solve business problems and work on projects with some of the biggest brands in Europe."

Joli Hanlon '17

Hometown: Madison, WI
Major: Government
Next Step: Educational Ambassador,
Ameson Year in China

I am looking forward to connecting with students and making an impact on their lives, as well as having the opportunity to work overseas.”

Ryan Eardley '17

Hometown: Montreal, Canada
Major: Economics
Next Step: Chief Visionary at Tracr | Asset Tracing

“I have dedicated the summer to furthering a project I have been working on - Tracr. I'm most excited about solving a systemic problem in forensic accounting, and bringing this vision to life. Lawrence has empowered me to try and equipped me to succeed.”

Bradley Mueller '17

Hometown: Oak Park, IL
Major: Economics
Next Step: Senior Business Analyst, Consulting Development Program, Optum

I am excited to become immersed in our health systems and have the opportunity to  develop solutions that can help improve health outcomes.”

Rachel Weiss '17

Hometown: Highland Park, IL 
Major: Performance (Voice)
Next Step: Assistant to the Production Coordinator, Ravinia Festival

“There are all kinds of performers and ensembles that come to Ravinia for its summer festival. One day you could be listening to a violin concerto, the next you're at a Train concert. I love the fast pace, the absolutely amazing production team, and most of all, I love working backstage.”

Adam McDonald '17

Hometown: Chesterfield, MO
Major: Economics 
Next Step: Consultant in Health Care Strategy at Navigant Consulting

"The healthcare industry is constantly evolving, especially now, which makes this an exciting challenge. I am looking forward to helping companies and individuals thrive."

Maxwell Edwards '17

Hometown: Appleton, WI
Majors: Economics, Interdisciplinary Film Studies
Next Step: Project Manager and Implementation Consultant, Epic Systems

“Epic is a leader in the electronic medical records industry, and I am grateful for the opportunity to manage projects that will impact millions of lives. I look forward to working with doctors and hospital administrators, improving healthcare access for people all over the world.”

Lauren Vanderlinden '17

Hometown: Appleton, WI
Majors: Anthropology, Music 
Next Step: Ph.D. in Ethnomusicology at University of California- Santa Barbara

"My Senior Experience combined anthropology and music in a way that was unique to my interests, and I learned so much from doing that. I worked closely with faculty on campus and even had an internship at the Smithsonian Institute. I’m so grateful for the opportunities I had at Lawrence!"

Henry Ward '17

Hometown: Galesburg, IL
Majors: Math, Computer Science 
Next Step: Ph.D. in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology at University of Minnesota

"I'll be performing exciting systems biology research with the Myers lab, and feel grateful for all of the wonderful Lawrence professors and staff who have helped me prepare for this next step in my career."

David Jumes '17

Hometown: Grand Chute, WI
Majors: Chemistry, Biochemistry
Next Step: Laser Raman Spectroscopy Project at Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

​"I am excited to combine my interests of physical, marine and environmental chemistry into one program, where I will be collecting data from different gases along the seafloor with a remotely operated Raman spectrometer."

Nina Sultan '17

Hometown: Bloomington, IL
Majors: Psychology, Studio Art
Next Step: Master's in Creative Arts Therapy at Pratt Institute

“Having experience working with as many different populations as possible is essential in learning how to be a thoughtful and effective therapist. I cannot wait for what's next!”

Sam Genualdi '17

Sam-GenualdiHometown: Evanston, IL
Major: Performance
Next Step: DownBeat Winner and Watson Fellowship

"I plan to spend my Watson year in five countries steeped in unfamiliar musical traditions. Music can be a powerful tool to bridge cultural gaps. The musical experiences I’ll have in each country is sure to be different, but each will help bring into focus a larger picture of the human experience. Music is an important part of life across the globe and I am intensely inspired by discovering these connections."

Nicole Mitchell '17

Nicole Mitchell PortraitHometown: Gurnee, IL
Majors: Environmental Studies, Education
Next Step: Stanford Teacher Education Program, Stanford University

"I want to be an excellent teacher, and I know that I will become just that. This program has an emphasis on teaching for social justice, and there is even a course focused on incorporating a school garden into your lessons!"

Mahmoud Shaar '17

Mahmoud Shaar PortraitHometown: Aleppo, Syria
Majors: Math, Computer Science 
Next Step: Data Analyst and Software Developer,
The Boldt Company 

"This is an especially exciting time for me to join The Boldt Company, because they've grown immensely in the past few years. I'll be working with the emerging technologies team, and I’m very excited to be part of a team that has been leading this recent growth."

Casey Merkle '17

Casey Merle PortraitHometown: Barrington, IL
Major: Biology
Next Step: Urban Science and Community Engagement Intern,
Lincoln Park Zoo

"I am looking forward to being out in the field and conducting research with the professionals at LPZ. I can't wait to start working with the community of Little Village in Chicago and learn what we can do for urban wildlife."

Alaina Leisten '17

Alaina Leisten PortraitHometown: Fond du Lac, WI
Major: Performance (Bassoon)
Next Step: Master of Music,
University of Southern California

"I am extremely excited to pursue a Master of Music degree at USC! Living in Los Angeles will be new and exciting, and I am looking forward to the opportunity to study with even more professional musicians."

Michael Deremo '17

Deremo PortraitHometown: Evanston, IL
Majors: Economics, International Relations
Next Step: Peace Corps Volunteer, Peace Corps-Panama  

I look forward to helping rural Panamanian communities find ways to expand their markets and introduce new farm management techniques to local farmers. I am also excited to start after-school initiatives that aim to keep kids active and engaged in their communities.

Chensu Zhu '17

Chensu Zhu PortraitHometown: Hubei Province, China
Major: Psychology
Next Step: Behavioral Treatment Technician, Wisconsin Early Autism Project

"I'm excited to start as a behavioral treatment technician this summer. I'm hoping to utilize the knowledge I gained and am looking forward to absorbing some new skills."

Lauren Welton-Arndt '17

Lauren Welton-Arndt PortraitHometown: Middleton, WI
Major: Biochemistry
Next Step: Master's in Pharmacy, University of Texas

"I'm really looking forward to becoming a pharmacist!"

Melissa Rooney '17

Melissa, Rooney, PhotoHometown: Racine, WI
Major: Chemistry
Next Step: Peace Corps Volunteer, Peace Corps Mozambique

"I am looking forward to serving as a volunteer. My focus will be teaching high school chemistry. I will also be working with Let Girls Learn, a program focused on promoting the retention of girls in education."

Daniel Bernstein '17

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Major: Performance (Clarinet)
Next Step: Programs Associate,
Third Street Music School Settlement

"This is really a dream job for me. I am thrilled at this opportunity to pursue my passion full time: helping people cultivate their musical and creative voice."

Madalyn Luna '17

Hometown: Chicago, IL
Major: Performance (Voice)
Next Step: Master's in Voice Performance, Manhattan School of Music

I'm excited to progress my craft of classical singing in the quintessential American hub of classical music.”

Sarah Zaccaria '17

Hometown: Hawthorn Woods, IL
Major: Chemistry
Next Step: Ph.D. in Applied Chemistry,
Colorado School of Mines

I received the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) Fellowship to fund my clean energy research during my graduate career. I am very excited to get paid to do exactly the type of research I want to and work in a national lab during graduate school. This fellowship allows me to start research day one so I can delve in right away next fall.”

Sierra Parker '17

Hometown: Houghton, MI
Majors: Linguistics, Russian Studies
Next Step: Service Member,
FoodCorps, Flagstaff, AZ

I am looking forward to working with kids, introducing them to new, delicious vegetables, and helping to build a more just food system from the ground up!