Graduating seniors will soon begin their lives after Lawrence. Many are planning to continue their education. Others are taking the first step into careers. Still others will embrace scholarships. Judging from what they have said, all will miss professors and classmates. Here are just a few who shared their plans with us.

Commencement 2015: Mallory Speck '15

Adam Tenasaputra ’15

Hometown: New Brighton, Minn.
Majors: Economics, Government
Next Step: Electronic Engineer at the U.S. Army and Portfolio Manager at Exoro Capital

While serving my country, I will also manage my clients’ equities and their financial positions. Keeping up with the financial world is my hobby and I've learned to balance it with all of my responsibilities. I am super excited!

Savanna Dahl ’15

Hometown: Wisconsin Rapids, Wis.
Majors: Biology, Performance (Music)
Next Step: Invasive Plant Management with the
U.S. Forest Service

Lawrence has taught me to embrace the topics I am passionate about and has helped me incorporate them all into the rest of my life.

Sam Rolfe ’15

Hometown: Boscobel, Wis.
Major: Performance (Music)
Next Step: CityYear Chicago

This program will help me serve a greater cause and give me tools to foster idealism and motivation in individuals and communities I interact with. Lawrence University exposed me to problems that will take a lifetime to address and has given me tools to begin addressing them.

Jonathan Fagan ’15

Hometown: Arlington, Mass.
Major: Performance (Music)
Next Step: Master’s in Jazz Piano Performance at the Eastman School of Music

Lawrence has certainly laid a solid groundwork for me to build on musically and personally. In fact, my former advisor Fred Sturm hired practically every member of the faculty there, and I’ll be studying with one of his long-time friends, professor Harold Danko. I’m looking forward to continuing the legacy that Fred left at the school.

Andrea Kahlow ’15

Hometown: River Falls, Wis.
Major: East Asian Studies
Next Step: Teaching English in Chiba Prefecture, Japan

I’m very excited to make new connections in another country as well as continue studying a language I started learning as a freshman.

Liz Armstrong ’15

Hometown: Neenah, Wis.
Major: Economics
Next Step: Family Care Planning Co-Op at Kimberly-Clark

As I celebrate the ending of the best chapter of my life, I look forward to the next chapter with confidence because I am a Lawrentian with the knowledge to engage and passion to contribute!

Lina Rosenberg ’15

Hometown: Washington, D.C.
Major: Environmental Studies
Next Step: Curatorial Intern at the National Mining
Hall of Fame and Museum

I am excited to have the opportunity to work with a museum collection so quickly after Lawrence. I am so thankful that my professors have encouraged me to pursue my career goal of working with museum collections even if it was unrelated to their department.

Graham Jones ’15

Hometown: Indianapolis, Ind.
Majors: Psychology, French
Next step: Master's in Occupational Therapy at Washington University School of Medicine
($9000 scholarship)

I am very excited to start my education in something I am very passionate about. I know that all the hard work I have done at Lawrence has helped prepare me for this next step. I would like to thank my French professors for helping broaden my view of the world and my psychology professors for giving me a good foundation in the study of people.

Melissa Heeren ’15

Hometown: Wausau, Wis.
Major: Biochemistry
Next step: MLS(ASCP) Certification through the Medical Laboratory Science Program at NorthShore University HealthSystem Hospital

I can't imagine a more positive college experience than what I’ve found here. Lawrence has given me the tools to live a richer life, intellectually, emotionally and otherwise. For this reason, my time as a Lawrentian (thankfully) does not end when I walk across that stage and receive my diploma, but continues on throughout my life.

Kerstin Brolsma ’15

Hometown: Tewksbury, Mass.
Majors: Government, Chinese Language & Literature
Next Step: Master’s in Contemporary Chinese Studies at Oxford University

My passion for contemporary Chinese feminism began at Lawrence through work in government seminars and this research became the basis for both my Government and Chinese capstones. I am thrilled to continue my research of contemporary China at a world-class facility with wonderful resources.

Zoe E. Psarouthakis ’15

Hometown: Ann Arbor, Mich.
Major: Biology
Next Step: Biological Collections Intern with the
Bureau of Reclamation

I am excited to see what adventures lie ahead of me. Lawrence prepared me and I am ready to experience a life that is full of work related to aquatic biology!

Heather A. Carr ’15

Hometown: Portland, Ore.
Major: English
Next Step: Columbia Publishing Course in New York City

Columbia Publishing Course is an exciting opportunity for me to launch into the world of publishing and get an overview of what goes into producing books, magazines and digital media. Lawrence has given me the confidence and support I needed to feel ready (if still nervously excited) to move across the country the evening after graduation.

Savannah Vogel ’15

Hometown: Deerfield, Wis.
Major: Biochemistry
Next Step: Educational Leadership Consultant for Kappa Alpha Theta

Before medical school, I’ll travel the country and work to help other women make the best of their college experience, so that they too can confidently step out into the real world.

Caitlin Zuehlke ’15

Hometown: Shawano, Wis.
Major: Biology
Next Step: M.P.H. at
Columbia University
Mailman School of Public Health

Lawrence gave me the foundation to explore new passions and opportunities. This exploration has led to the next chapter of my journey—an exciting opportunity to study public health in New York City, one of the most vibrant cities in the world!

Russell Brannen ’15

Hometown: Saint Louis, Mo.
Major: Psychology
Next Step: College Completion Coach at
College Bound St. Louis

Lawrence has helped me understand who I am, and what I love to do. My knowledge of Psychology isn’t just about theories and research, intervention and help. It is about asking what the core issue really is. I am a better person, and it is reflected in my work.

Linnea Garcia ’15

Hometown: Evanston, Ill.
Major: Performance (Clarinet)
Next Step: Move to Chicago. Continue writing and begin the process of publishing my second book.

Lawrence has provided me with many opportunities to explore my creativity. I have a passion for creating new stories and music, and the teachers and friends I have met here have been supportive of my creative goals and my decision to continue a career in freelance writing and self-publishing.

Alexis Cuozzo ’15

Hometown: Madison, Wis.
Major: Gender Studies
Next Step: Master’s in Social Work at the University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration

I am excited to return to Chicago and continue learning about social justice and what I can do to support communities I am a part of.

Claire Francis ’15

Hometown: Grinnell, Iowa
Major: Biology
Next Step: Traveling throughout Europe this summer and fall, building my photography portfolio and applying to a Commercial Photography school next year.

I look forward to expanding my worldview and absorbing the cultures and landscapes of Europe through my photography. My advisor, Beth De Stasio, has been very encouraging of my shift from a biology to photography career path, and I am extremely grateful for the interdisciplinary education I have received from Lawrence.

Shay Albrecht ’15

Hometown: Sun Prairie, Wis.
Major: Biochemistry
Next Step: Physician’s Assistant school, after getting experience in the medical field

Lawrence has helped me in a huge way; I’ve found my passion and focus here: healthcare for the LGBTQ+ population. Learning about the discrimination people still experience in something so vital to every person's well-being makes me want to change their situation for the better. By getting a physician’s assistant degree, I can be the active advocate I want to be and make a difference for those who are afraid of getting the help they need. Because of Lawrence, I found how I want to help my community and build a better future for more people than just myself.

Elena Watson ’15

Hometown: Sunbury, Ohio
Majors: Biology, Anthropology
Next Step: Master’s of Science in Forensic Anthropology at
Michigan State University

I am incredibly excited to delve more into my chosen field of forensic anthropology and contribute to the innovative research happening at MSU.

Don Yarbrough ’15

Hometown: Snohomish, Wash.
Major: Environmental Studies (Policy Focus)
Next Step: South Fork Recreation Technician, Krassel Ranger District, Payette National Forest (Idaho), USDA

Lawrence presented me with a guiding opportunity for self discovery and actualization. I confidently and humbly step forward into a fledgling conservation career, working for the Forest Service and living in one of the most beautiful places I know.


Some students volunteered to talk more about their next steps. Watch videos below and check back from time to time as more graduates step up to talk about their plans.

Jack Canfield ’15

YouTube VideoYouTube VideoPlay YouTube Video

Hometown: Atlanta, Ga.
Major: Performance (Voice)
Next Step: Watson Fellowship
“Stop Talking: A Year Spent Engaging with the Language of Song”

The Watson year is described as a year of self discovery. To me, it is the perfect next step. During my time at Lawrence I have constantly been challenged to be the most honest version of myself possible and my Watson year will give me an opportunity to see what exactly that looks and feels like.

Tianchu (Alex) Liang ’15

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Hometown: Tangshan, China
Majors: Physics, Mathematics
Next Step: Master’s of Science in Computer Science at Georgia Tech (Georgia Institute of Technology)

My undergraduate years at Lawrence University broadened my perspective both in life and in academics. With solid preparation in mathematics and physics, I am thrilled to further my study in Computer Science at Georgia Tech.

Emily Zawacki ’15

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Hometown: Johnsburg, Ill.
Majors: Geology, Spanish
Next StepPh.D. in Geological Sciences
Arizona State University

I'm so excited to work with advisors in both the School of Earth and Space Exploration and the School of Human Evolution and Social Change at Arizona State to study geological influences on early hominin evolution!

Brandon Taylor ’15

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Hometown: Johnsburg, Ill.
Major: Chemistry
Next Step: Master’s in Organic Chemistry at the University of Denver

I am confident that I will have success because of my Lawrence Education. The most valuable thing that Lawrence has taught me is how to learn. Because of how I have been challenged, I have developed the skill set necessary to adapt and succeed in all facets of life.

Sarah Gunby ’15

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Hometown: Mercer Island, Wash.
Majors: Biology, Biochemistry
Next step: Doctor of Medicine at the University of Washington School of Medicine

I am ecstatic to begin a challenging and rewarding career in medicine, using the critical thinking skills that I have learned at Lawrence to provide patients with high quality and compassionate care.

Schuyler Thornton ’15

YouTube VideoYouTube VideoPlay YouTube Video Hometown: Allentown, N.J.
Majors: Performance (Flute), Government
Next Step: Master's of Music in Flute Performance at James Madison University

I will be pursuing my Master’s in Music at James Madison University, which will prepare me for my future as a professional musician.

Najja Gay ’15

YouTube VideoYouTube VideoPlay YouTube Video Hometown: Charlotte, N.C.
Major: Biology
Next Step:  Chiba-Wisconsin Assistant Language Teacher Program at Chiba Prefecture, Japan

I am excited to demonstrate the skills and experiences I gathered at Lawrence and share them with a new international community. 

Stephanie Vahlsing ’15

YouTube VideoYouTube VideoPlay YouTube Video

Hometown: Fond du Lac, Wis.
Majors: Psychology, German
Next Step: Master's in Social Work
University of Pennsylvania

Christopher Acy ’15

YouTube VideoYouTube VideoPlay YouTube Video Hometown: Aurora, Colo.
Majors: Biology, Music
Next Step: Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at The University of Oklahoma

I’m very excited to continue my education as an ecologist at the University of Oklahoma. This incredible opportunity would not have been possible without the unique atmosphere and engaged learning style of Lawrence.

Tyler Grasee ’15

YouTube VideoYouTube VideoPlay YouTube Video Hometown: De Pere, Wis.
Majors: Anthropology, German
Next Step: Master's in Museum Studies at George Washington University

I’m looking forward to furthering my understanding of how museums are managed and the impact they have on their local communities.