Graduating seniors will soon begin their lives after Lawrence. Many are planning to continue their education. Others are taking the first step into careers. Still others will embrace scholarships. Judging from what they have said, all will miss professors and classmates. Here are just a few who shared their plans with us.

Commencement 2014: Fanny Lau '14

Winnie Belai ’14

Hometown: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Major: Biochemistry
Next Step: Research Assistant, Harvard University,
Cambridge, Massachusetts

I'm looking forward to new challenges and experiences in the presence of aspirational people.

Christopher Skinner ’14

Hometown: Charlottesville, Virginia
Majors: Government,
Performance (Music)
Next Step: Tuck Business
Bridge Program
, Dartmouth University,
Hanover, New Hampshire

This program will provide me with knowledge specific to the world of business, provide networking opportunities, and offer the opportunity for a fulfilling final project. I have been working intensively with career services in pursuit of a career in the world of international business and believe the Tuck Business Bridge Program is an excellent first step on that path.

Victoria Jhong Chung ’14

Hometown: Ica, Peru
Majors: Economics, Government
Next Step: Masters in Development Studies, Graduate Institute of Geneva (IHEID), Geneva, Switzerland

Career Services was very helpful during my application process. I am very excited to start a new academic trip further away from home!

Fei Gao ’14

Hometown: Chengdu, China
Major: Government
Next Step: Study Culture, Organization and Management, VU University, Amsterdam, Netherlands

I am excited to learn about more cultures in one of world's most liberal countries.

Brianna Schmidt ’14

Hometown: St. Paul, Minnesota
Major: Biology
Next Step: College Coach for College Possible, Twin Cities, Minnesota

I am excited to serve with College Possible, a program that helped me not only find my way to Lawrence, but also helped me succeed here.

Rachel Welch ’14

Hometown: Galesburg, Illinois
Major: Chemistry
Next Step: Ph.D. in Chemistry,
University of California, Davis,
Davis, California

I'm very excited to join a group working on solar energy and take advanced courses in chemistry and material physics to prepare myself for a long-term solar research project of my own.

Laura Barksdale ’14

Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Major: Economics
Next Step: PL/SQL Atlas Associate Developer Internship, Green Tree,
St. Paul, Minnesota

I look forward to seeing how computer science is applied in a professional setting and getting more experience in a field I love.

Meghan Keenan ’14

Hometown: Woodland, Minnesota
Majors: Spanish, Psychology
Next Step: Spanish Teacher, Teach for America, New Haven, Connecticut

I cannot wait to develop relationships with my students while teaching them Spanish, a subject that I have grown to love.

Stephanie Klauer ’14

Hometown: White Bear Township, Minnesota
Majors: Government, Art History
Next Step: Corps Member, Teach for America, Connecticut

I look forward to providing an equal opportunity for all students to achieve, while gaining valuable experience in the education field.

Valerie Kessie ’14

Hometown: Accra, Weija, Ghana
Majors: Environmental Studies, French
Next Step: PR Communications Intern, MicroInsurance Centre LLC, Appleton, Wisconsin

I am looking forward to continuing my internship after graduation at the MicroInsurance Centre, where I will be able to learn more about international development and the communication strategies of an organization, all the while improving my skills as a fresh college graduate in the real world!

Dyllan Eichhorst ’14

Hometown: Brillion, Wisconsin
Major: Government
Next Step: Healthcare Quality Data Analyst, Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital, Milton, Massachusetts

I am very excited about the opportunity to help all patients receive responsible and quality healthcare, while gaining essential project management experience in the healthcare industry.

Natasha Foley ’14

Hometown: Anoka, Minnesota
Major: Performance (Voice)
Next Step: Masters in Vocal Performance, University of Kentucky
Lexington, Kentucky

I will be a graduate teaching assistant with my own partial studio and will be an opera fellow with the Kentucky Opera. I am looking forward to further developing my craft and exploring a new city! 

Jiyong Shim ’14

Hometown: Daejeon, South Korea
Major: Biology
Next Step: Master's in Biotechnology, Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea

I am excited to meet new people and learn technical terminologies in a different language.

Niki Wanner ’14

Hometown: Hudson, Wisconsin
Major: Biology
Next Step: Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota

I can't wait to begin the next step toward becoming an equine veterinarian, and meet new people who share my passion. 

Alex York ’14

Hometown: Muskego, Wisconsin
Major: Performance (Voice)
Next Step: Master's in Music, Northwestern University Bienen School of Music,
Evanston, Illinois

Lawrence is the type of place where everything that they say in the brochures matches what is done: The class sizes are wickedly small; the professors go way above and beyond to help students; and all the students are passionate and quirky! I truly feel ready to take the next steps—both to graduate school and beyond!

Claire Conard ’14

Hometown: Grafton, Wisconsin
Major: Theatre Arts
Next Step: Assistant Director of Annual Giving, Lawrence University, Appleton, Wisconsin

Lawrence gave me a great deal: a superb education, fantastic friends and colleagues, and new perspectives on learning and life.  I greatly appreciate the opportunity to help provide the same experience for my fellow and future Lawrentians!

Claire Bassett ’14

Hometown: Green Bay, Wisconsin
Major: English
Next Step: Gallery Merchandise Intern, Museum of Contemporary Craft, Portland, Oregon

Lawrence has prepared me with four years of communications experience, and an education centered on exploring the intersections of literature and visual art. Thanks to Tim Spurgin, Elizabeth Carlson and my friends on the Lawrence faculty and staff. I am indebted to their support, and appreciative of their enthusiasm.

Alysa Levi-DAncona ’14

Hometown: Oak Park, Illinois
Majors: English, Italian Studies
Next Step: Student teaching, Marie Curie High School, Chicago, Illinois

I look forward to honing my teaching skills and jumping into the classroom. More importantly, I am beyond thrilled to start working with bright, young students with so much potential.

Jon Stombres ’14

Hometown: St. Charles, Illinois
Majors: Performance (Voice), Choral/General Music Education
Next Step: Student teaching in Appleton, WI and Chilton, WI
school districts.

Lawrence has given me so many opportunities; I'm excited to share what I've learned with others!

Tom Antosz ’14

Hometown: Norridge, Illinois
Major: History
Next Step: Student teaching (high school social studies) in Chicago, Illinois

I am excited to take what I have learned at Lawrence and apply it to the real world while also learning from the experiences ahead.

Polly Dalton ’14

Hometown: Hartford, Wisconsin
Major: Environmental Studies
Next Step: Market Manager, Appleton Food Hub and District 8 Alderperson, Common Council, Appleton, Wisconsin

Lawrence has not just challenged me to ask tough questions, but has provided a community of people willing to pursue solutions to those questions.


Some students volunteered to talk more about their next steps. Watch videos below and check back from time to time as more graduates step up to talk about their plans.

Henry Chesnutt ’14

YouTube VideoYouTube VideoPlay YouTube Video

Hometown: Cardiff-by-the-sea, California
Major: Economics
Next Step: Full-Time Analyst, Gravie, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Chiao-Yu Tuan ’14

YouTube VideoYouTube VideoPlay YouTube VideoHometown: Taipei, Taiwan
Majors: Math-Computer Science, Psychology
Next Step: Full-Time Software Engineer, LinkedIn, Mountain View, California

Sophie Durbin ’14

YouTube VideoYouTube VideoPlay YouTube VideoHometown: Winnetka, Illinois
Majors: Gender Studies, Theatre Arts
Next Step:  Curatorial Intern, Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Dan O'Mahoney ’14

YouTube VideoYouTube VideoPlay YouTube VideoHometown: Evanston, Illinois
Major: Government
Next Step: Full-Time Inside Sales, SinglePlatform, New York, New York

Emily Hoylman ’14

YouTube VideoYouTube VideoPlay YouTube VideoHometown: Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin
Major: Biochemistry
Next Step: University of Michigan College of Pharmacy, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Adam Breseman ’14

YouTube VideoYouTube VideoPlay YouTube VideoHometown: Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin
Major: Biology
Next Step: Marketing Communications Coordinator, BCDVideo, Northbrook, Illinois

Max Burgess ’14

YouTube VideoYouTube VideoPlay YouTube Video

Hometown: Deerfield, Illinois
Major: History
Next Step: Business Development Representative, BCDVideo, Northbrook, Illinois

Chase Nelson ’14

YouTube VideoYouTube VideoPlay YouTube Video

Hometown: Custer, Wisconsin
Major: Biology
Next Step: National Accounts Representative, BCDVideo, Northbrook, Illinois

Anthony Capparelli ’14

YouTube VideoYouTube VideoPlay YouTube Video

Hometown: River Falls, Wisconsin
Major: Performance (Music)
Next Step: Watson Fellowship