The Lawrence University Board of Trustees, which is responsible for electing Lawrence's presidents, has launched a presidential search. The presidential search committee is chaired by board vice chair Cory Nettles '92, vice-chaired by board secretary Sarah Schott '97 and includes 15 other members of the Lawrence community. Members of the search committee are listed below. Lawrence selected Isaacson, Miller as our partner in this search, led by managing partner Ponneh Varho, partner Natalie Leonhard, and associate Claire Hennessey. Christyn Abaray, assistant to the president and secretary to the board, will provide administrative support throughout the search process.

Lawrence’s commitment to shared governance drove the selection of search committee membership and has provided multiple avenues of input gathering to occur throughout the process. Please complete the Lawrence Community survey to provide input directly to our Isaacson, Miller team. You are also encouraged to send information and/or questions directly to Christyn Abaray.

Lawrence is a distinctive institution, combining an excellent liberal arts education and a renowned Conservatory of Music. We are striving to be better in particular more equity-minded, to innovate, and to continue guiding the future leaders of the world. Because of this we are committed to attracting an excellent and diverse pool of candidates in the search for the Lawrence University 17th president.

Presidential Search Committee

Nettles Cory

Cory Nettles ’92, Chair 


Sarah Schott ’97, Vice Chair 


Dave Blowers ’82, Board of Trustees​

Shaun Brown.

Shaun Brown ’21, Student

Jeff Clark

Jeff Clark, Faculty

Carla Daughtry

Carla Daughtry, Faculty

Shelley Davis

Shelley Davis ’92, Board of Trustees

Jake Frederick

Jake Frederick, Faculty

Susie Kane

Susie Kane ’72 (ex officio)

Cheryl Kopecky

Cheryl Kopecky ’72, Board of Trustees

Barbara Lawton

Barbara Lawton ’87, Board of Trustees

Brigetta Miller (cropped)

Brigetta Miller, Faculty

Scott Myers

Scott Myers ’79, Board of Trustees​


Mary Beth Petrie, Staff

Jon Stellmacher

Jon Stellmacher, Board of Trustees

Irene Strohbeen

Irene Strohbeen ’78, Alumni Association President

Jessica Toncler

Jessica Toncler ’22, Student

Give Your Feedback

Want to give your input on our next LU president or nominate a candidate? Fill out this survey to share your thoughts with the Presidential Search Committee:

Lawrence Community Survey