Senior Staff

Christyn AbarayChristyn Abaray

Director of Athletics

Secretary to the Board of Trustees



Ken AnselmentKen Anselment

Vice President for Enrollment and Communication



Kimberly BarrettKimberly Barrett

Vice President for Diversity & Inclusion

and Associate Dean of the Faculty



Christopher CardChristopher Card

Vice President for Student Life




Cal HusmanCalvin Husmann

Vice President for Alumni and Development




Katie KodatCatherine Kodat

Provost and Dean of the Faculty




Brian PertlBrian Pertl

Dean of the Conservatory of Music




Megan ScottMegan Scott

Associate Vice President of Communications

Jeff Clark
Special Assistant to the President
Associate Professor of Geology
209 Youngchild Hall 

Office of the President

Sampson House
Lawrence University
711 E. Boldt Way 
Appleton, WI 54911-5690

Phone: 920-832-6525
Fax: 920-832-6978