The mission of the I&E program is to enable students to pursue their passion through innovative and entrepreneurial ventures in courses and co-curricular activities.

If you’re interested in developing innovative solutions to real problems—and bringing those solutions to those who need them—this program will help you build critical skills including: analyzing consumer, community or market needs; creating business plans; reconciling conflicting goals; prioritizing and organizing work; pitching ideas; working well on multidisciplinary teams; collaborating and communicating with outside boards and advisors.

This interdisciplinary area is a powerful addition to any major at Lawrence University, and courses in a variety of departments can be chosen as electives. 

Life After Lawrence

Lawrentians can enjoy careers in...

Business, government relations, non-governmental organizations, arts organizations, startups, consulting companies

Recent employers include...

McKinsey & Company, Priority Group of Stockholm, Drone Hub Media, BCD Video, Kimberly-Clark, Zurich North America, the Hoover Institution of Stanford University, Innovation Pavilion, Integral Wealth, Hellermann Tyton, Navigant Consulting, Walt Disney World

Lawrentians can earn advanced degrees in...

Economics, business administration (MBA), public policy, international development

Recent schools include...

Columbia University, Hanken School of Economics/Finland, London School of Economics, Startup Institute, Hack Reactor, Stanford University

Sierra Leone KidsGive group

Social Entrepreneurship

Our Social Entrepreneurship course introduces you to the many aspects of implementing innovative solutions to some of the world's most pressing problems. One of the opportunities to practice social entrepreneurship is through KidsGive, a nonprofit organization directed by Professor Claudena Skran. 

The Pitch competition

Compete in 
"The Pitch" 

With Launch LU, Lawrence’s annual pitch contest, you and your team of fellow students conceive new ideas and to pitch them to local business leaders, venture capitalists and accomplished alumni. Winning teams move on to The Pitch — and Lawrentians have received $10,000 in seed money plus $15,000 in professional services to launch their own ventures.

Greyfell 2013 performance

Startup Theatre

Bring an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset to your passion in Theatre Arts and get involved in Greyfell Theatre Company! Theater making is inherently innovative, entrepreneurial, and team oriented, so the theater is a natural setting for developing and perfecting those skills. 

Music for All Riverview Gardens

The Entrepreneurial Musician

Develop the creative skills and the mindset for a life in music in The Entrepreneurial Musician course, and practice engaging with your audience and helping them relate to your performance in The Eloquent Musician course. Create interactive performances in settings that reach all audiences through Music for All

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Interdisciplinary Area

In Pursuit of Innovation

Financial Literacy

Entrepreneurship Ventures
  • Two courses from a list of options, including:
  • Social Entrepreneurship; Topics in Finance; Industrial Organization; Systems Analysis and Design; Apple, Google, Facebook
A practicum, internship, or other student venture such as Start-up Theater; the Rabbit [pop-up] Art Gallery; KidsGive; participation in ACM Chicago Program with a focus on entrepreneurship

Course descriptions and more courses

The Chandler Senior Experience

More about Innovation & Entrepreneurship Senior Experience available in the Course Catalog.

Recent Senior Experiences include:


Trade Adjustment Act: The Real Cost of Retraining America's Manufacturers

Quantitative Methods in Antitrust: U.S. Airline Market

Reinvesting in the Social, Economic and Health Benefits of the Conservation Corps


Neocolonialism Versus Strategic Partnerships of Countries

Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Risk: Germany vs. the United States


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