Discover the multitude of opportunities to gain entrepreneurial experience through start-up ventures, contests, and other projects. Collaborate with peers and faculty across disciplines to find innovative solutions to real problems and build critical business skills.

Launch LU & The Pitch

With Launch LU, Lawrence’s annual pitch contest, you and your team of fellow students conceive new ideas and pitch them to business leaders, venture capitalists and accomplished alumni. Winning teams transition to a regional competition in which previous Lawrentians have received $10,000 in seed money plus $15,000 in professional services to launch their own ventures.

The Pitch

Who’s dreaming up the next big idea? Lawrentians. Students in Lawrence’s Innovation & Entrepreneurship program collaborate across disciplines to develop revolutionary new ideas. 

The Pitch Fox Cities 

The Pitch is a startup business competition among college student teams in northeast Wisconsin.


Social Entrepreneurship introduces you to ways of implementing innovative solutions to some of the world's most pressing problems. Practice social entrepreneurship through KidsGive, a Lawrence-affiliated program directed by Professor Claudena Skran. 

KidsGive in Sierra Leone

Over the past decade, Lawrentians have made regular trips to Sierra Leone, gaining valuable field experience and providing invaluable support to local communities.

KidsGive seeks to educate those in the U.S. about Sierra Leonean life and culture, promote informed giving and grant children of Sierra Leone with the opportunity to become the leaders of their generation. Lawrence University students have the opportunity to travel to Sierra Leone to conduct field research and other independent projects. 

Theater & Music Start-Up

Start-Up Theater
Bring an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset to your passion in Theatre Arts and get involved in Start-Up Theatre! Theater making is inherently innovative, entrepreneurial, and team oriented, so the theater is a natural setting for developing and perfecting those skills. 

Start-Up Theater Projects

Three professors and twenty three students took to Bjorklunden. Their mission: launch an intensive student-run theatre company. And so, Greyfell Theatre Company was born.

The Entrepreneurial Musician
Develop the creative skills for a life in music in The Entrepreneurial Musician course. You will learn the tools and the mindset to become an agent of artistic innovation. Further enhance this foundational understanding by developing skills aimed at speaking elegantly and knowledgeably on art and music in The Eloquent Musician course. Implement these newly developed skills by creating interactive performances in settings that reach a diverse audience through the Music for All program. 

The Entrepreneurial Musician course

Martha traces her passion for the fiddle back to the McDonnell family farm, but credits Conservatory Dean Brian Pertl’s Entrepreneurial Musician course for helping her blend that passion with an entrepreneurial mindset.

The Music for All Initiative

Music for All strives to expand the impact of music outside of the concert hall, by bringing music into the community to engage the audience in new ways.

Rabbit Art Gallery

At the intersection of art and commerce, you'll find the The Rabbit Gallery. It is a pop-up shop that, for a limited time, transforms Appleton storefronts into art galleries. You'll work with local artists to provide a professional space to showcase and sell their work while increasing foot traffic to other local businesses. You'll also connect fellow Lawrentian artists with professionals working in the arts in the Fox Valley.

A Pop-Up Gallery Project

Get an inside look at The Rabbit Gallery.

The Chandler Senior Experience

Senior Experience is the culmination of a Lawrence education, a way for students to integrate knowledge and skills developed through years of study, demonstrate proficiency in their major fields, and develop scholarly or artistic independence.  

Recent Senior Experiences in Innovation & Entrepreneurship includes:

  • Trade Adjustment Act: The Real Cost of Retraining America's Manufacturers

  • Quantitative Methods in Antitrust: U.S. Airline Market

  • Reinvesting in the Social, Economic and Health Benefits of the Conservation Corps

  • Neocolonialism Versus Strategic Partnerships of Countries

  • Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Risk: Germany vs. the United States