Government at Lawrence will help you learn how to explain, interpret, and evaluate political institutions, policies, behaviors and beliefs—all against the backdrop of an intensely political age and its intellectual challenges.

You will learn how to employ a variety of methods to analyze political phenomena, as well as how to defend your analyses with rigorous, evidence-based arguments.

  • Explaining, interpreting, and evaluating political institutions, policies, behaviors, and beliefs.
  • Theory and practice of American government, contemporary political system, international politics, political theory, and constitutional law
  • The application of politics in business, law, international relations, history, medicine, education, urban planning, development studies, and many other fields


Life After Lawrence

Lawrentians can enjoy careers in...

Public and global affairs, law, policy research, political campaigning, diplomacy, international development, communications and PR, finance and wealth management, education (secondary & higher ed), journalism

Recent employers include...

U.S. Navy, FBI, Thomson Reuters, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Peace Corps, New York Presbyterian Hospital, political campaigns, City of Camden, United States government, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, U.S. Bank, Teach for America

Lawrentians can earn advanced degrees in...

Political science, law, library science/librarianship, business administration, urban planning, environmental studies, journalism, international business, social science, psychology, medicine, development studies

Recent schools include...

Boston University, Duke University, George Washington University, Johns Hopkins University, Marquette University,The Ohio State University, Princeton University, San Diego State, Tulane University, University of Cambridge

Spend a semester studying in world capitals like Washington, D.C. or London.

Collaborating with American University, Lawrence offers a thematic program of study in such areas as: American politics, international environment and development, justice and law, Islam and world affairs, foreign policy, and global economics and business. Internships are also available at places such as the World Bank, Department of Justice, BBC News and foreign embassies.

Dive more deeply into your area of interest

Dive more deeply into your area of interest through individualized instruction. Recent examples include Greening Healthcare, Photography in Terrorism, Environmental Sustainability in Africa and Jamaica, Social Media and Public Relations, Urban Politics.

Develop practical experience through political, legal and policy-related internships in Appleton and beyond. 

Placements include congressional, gubernatorial, and presidential campaigns, law firms, relief agencies, microinsurance organizations, hospitals, local government, federal agencies and more. 

Experience unique, focused study abroad programs in Sierra Leone and China.

Travel to Sierra Leone to work with a noted Lawrence expert and founder of KidsGive, which supports nearly 500 students in post-civil war Sierra Leone. You can also participate in Sustainable China, a three-week field study trip that explores environmental issues such as water management in urban and rural China.

Components of the Major

  • Government track

  • Introduction to Political Science
  • Research Methods in Political Science
  • One elective in American politics
  • One elective in comparative politics
  • One elective in international politics
  • One elective in political theory
  • At least five upper-division government electives
    Senior Experience in government
  • International relations track

  • Introduction to Political Science
  • Introduction to International Relations
  • International Politics
  • Research Methods in Political Science
  • One elective in comparative politics
  • One elective in political theory
  • One elective in international or comparative politics
  • At least three upper-division government electives
  • Senior Experience in government with an international or comparative focus

Course descriptions and more courses
Minor/major requirements

The Chandler Senior Experience

The Senior Experience in Government will allow you to pursue a capstone research project, an academic internship in government or politics, or other culminating work chosen in consultation with your faculty advisor(s). You may pursue your research project through a senior seminar, in approved upper-level courses or independent studies, or through work toward an honors thesis.

Recent Senior Experiences include:


War and Politics: The Correlation Between the Vietnam War and U.S. Political Decision-Making

Striking a Balance: Accessibility, Legitimacy, and Voter Registration

A Game Theoretic Analysis of International Justice Disputes

Public Health Policy: Reducing Surgical Site Infections

China and the U.S. in Africa

Utopian Urbanism and Garden Cities: Reconciling the Ideal and the Practical in Urban Planning

Buying the Affordable Care Act and the Subsequent Defeat of the House Democrats

A 70-Year Siege: Israeli Ethos and Counterterror Policy

Hamas and Hezbollah: The Entry of Terrorist Organizations into the Political Process