Brenda Jenike (chair)
  • Ameya S. Balsekar
    Ameya S. Balsekar Profile Picture
    Associate Professor of Government
    Campus Phone: 920-832-6930
    Education: Brown University, B.A.; Cornell University, M.A., Ph.D.
    Interests: Political participation, identity politics and ethnic conflict, politics of Asia, comparative democratization, politics of human rights, multiculturalism
    Campus Address: Briggs Hall Room 213 Government
    Years at Lawrence: 2009-
  • Brenda Jenike
    Brenda Jenike Profile Picture
    Edward F. Mielke Professor of Medicine, Health and Society and Associate Professor of Anthropology
    Campus Phone: 920-832-6686
    Education: Pomona College, B.A.; University of California-Los Angeles, M.A., Ph.D.
    Interests: medical anthropology, disability and culture, culture and aging, family, gender, Japan and East Asia
    Campus Address: Briggs Hall Room 310 Anthropology
    Years at Lawrence: 2004-
  • Constance Kassor
    Constance Kassor Profile Picture
    Assistant Professor of Religious Studies
    Campus Phone: 920-832-7177
    Education: Smith College, B.A.; Emory University, Ph.D.
    Interests: Asian Religions, Buddhist Philosophy, Tibetan Buddhism
    Campus Address: Main Hall 411 Religious Studies
    Years at Lawrence: 2016-
  • Nancy Lin
    Nancy Lin Profile Picture
    Assistant Professor of Art History
    Campus Phone: 920-832-7302
    Education: Bryn Mawr College, B.A.; Columbia University, M.A.; University of Chicago, Ph.D.
    Interests: East Asian Art History and Visual Culture
    Campus Address: Wriston Art Center 220 Art History
    Years at Lawrence: 2016-
  • Kuo-ming Sung
    Kuo-ming Sung Profile Picture
    Wendy and K.K. Tse Professor of East Asian Studies
    Campus Phone: 920-832-6709
    Education: National Taiwan University, B.A.; University of California-Los Angeles, M.A., C. Phil., Ph.D.
    Interests: generative linguistics, comparative syntax, language pedagogy
    Campus Address: Main Hall Room 323 Chinese and Japanese
    Years at Lawrence: 1994-
  • Brigid E. Vance
    Brigid E. Vance Profile Picture
    Associate Professor of History
    Campus Phone: 920-832-7482
    Education: Carleton College, B.A.; Stanford University, M.A.; Princeton University, Ph.D.
    Interests: East Asian history (especially early modern China and Japan), history of science and medicine, and dreams
    Campus Address: Main Hall Room 409 History
    Years at Lawrence: 2015-
  • Matty Wegehaupt
    Matty Wegehaupt Profile Picture
    Instructor of Gender Studies
    Campus Phone: 920-832-7181
    Education: University of Wisconsin, B.A.; University of California, M.A.; University of Michigan, M.A.
    Interests: East Asian ancient and contemporary history, literature, and religion - with a focus on China and the Koreas. Ruism, Buddhism, Daoism, and other thought/practice in ancient East Asia. Anti-imperialism
    Campus Address: Memorial Hall Room 102 Dean of Faculty Office
    Years at Lawrence: 2008-