Matty Wegehaupt

Picture of man with cap, facing camera in Appleton City Park, with winter sun casting long afternoon shadows in the background
Campus Address
Memorial Hall
Room 102
East Asian Studies
Instructor of East Asian Studies

Born and bred in southeastern Wisconsin, I've spent my life serving others, first in the US Air Force and then (and now) as a teacher. Having taught all ages and levels, from kindergarten to advanced university seminar to elder second-language learners, I've had a wide array of teaching experiences. In this time, I've acquired skills in languages, history, religious studies, and cultural analysis, developing a specific focus on East Asia and Korea in particular. Looking at the varieties of cultural movements across the many centuries of history across what is now China, Korea, and Japan, religion and ideology, particularly Buddhism and Communism, and their contribution to anti-colonial liberation movements have emerged as the central point of my personal and academic interest. With an eye on both contemporary events and ancient philosophy, I've been blessed to participate in several translation projects in Korean Buddhism, contributing to the Collected Works of Korean Buddhism and translating the works of one of Korea's most beloved and iconic figures, Beopjeong Seunim (법정스님), including May All Beings Be Happy and the upcoming, Pure and Fragrant

United States Air Force Academy, University of Wisconsin BA, University of California MA, University of Michigan Ph.D program
Years at Lawrence