Data empowers us to make better decisions. 

Data scientists combine statistical knowledge, programming skills, domain area expertise, and ethical considerations to make insightful decisions.

The minor in statistics and data science is intended to benefit students in a wide range of majors who are interested in learning to analyze data. It is flexible by design and allows students to take courses that connect statistical techniques to fields they are interested in.

Life After Lawrence

Lawrentians enjoy careers in...

  • Actuarial science
  • Data analytics
  • Consulting
  • Public health
  • Software development
  • Business & Management

Lawrentians earn advanced degrees in...

  • Statistics / data science

  • Applied mathematics

  • Operations research

  • Biostatistics

  • Applied sciences


Learn programming with real-world applications

Learn to program using statistical software to analyze complex real-world data.

Broaden your perspective

Get a different way of looking at major social challenges and questions.

Explore your interests using data

Implement statistical techniques in the fields and majors that interest you.

Think differently about the future

Complete projects using statistical models to predict real-world phenomena.

The Statistics and Data Science Minor Curriculum

Two core courses:

  • CMSC/STAT 205: Data-Scientific Programming
  • STAT 255: Statistics for Data Science

Two statistics and data science electives from the list of:

  • CMSC/STAT 208: Machine Learning
  • CMSC/STAT 405: Advanced Data Computing
  • STAT 450: Bayesian Statistics
  • STAT 455: Advanced Statistical Modeling
  • Two additional courses in an area of focus such as economics, biology, psychology, government, computer science, statistical theory.

Course descriptions and more courses