The Creative Writing: English major challenges students to simultaneously study literature and participate in its artistic production.

Students in the major learn, in both creative writing and literature courses, to interrogate the complexities of language, culture, aesthetics, identities, communities, and themselves. Students take creative writing classes in fiction, nonfiction, and poetry (with options to also work in screenwriting and playwrighting) at every level of the major and have numerous opportunities to interact with nationally and internationally renowned writers, as well as with their peers and professors.

The major is capped off by an intensive Senior Experience seminar in which students produce a lengthy work of poetry or creative prose and present it during a public reading.

  • You love to read
  • Reading a play, poem, or story makes you want to write one yourself
  • Your friends and family often tell you, “You’re so creative” or “You have a great imagination”
  • You find the best way you express yourself is with a pen in your hand
  • Foreign Languages
  • History
  • Film Studies
  • Psychology
  • Anthropology
  • Ethnic Studies
  • A Natural Science


Life After Lawrence

Lawrentians enjoy careers as...

  • editors
  • journalists
  • arts administrators
  • arts therapists
  • social media coordinators
  • librarians
  • marketers
  • public relations specialists
  • publishers
  • teachers

Lawrentians earn advanced degrees in...

  • English
  • creative writing
  • journalism
  • law
  • marketing
  • business

Find community

Work closely with fellow writers in small, intimate classes and workshops

Be inspired

Experience weekend retreats at Bjorklunden with nationally renowned visiting authors

Get real-world experience

Hone your craft writing for The Lawrentian and Tropos, Lawrence’s student-run newspaper and literary journal

Learn from published faculty

Develop your craft with our award-winning full-time faculty members, all published authors with PhDs in English

The Creative Writing: English Curriculum

  • Two introductory courses at the 100 or 200-level. AP credit can count for one.
  • ENG 180: Intro to Creative Writing
  • Two 300-level creative writing courses, one in prose (fiction or nonfiction) and one in poetry
  • Two 500-level creative writing courses in any genre. (Students may also petition for Playwrighting to count in place of one of these courses.)
  • Two advanced literature courses focusing on period before 1800
  • One advanced literature course focusing on the nineteenth century
  • One advanced literature course focusing on the twentieth or twenty-first centuries
  • ENG 601: Senior Seminar in Creative Writing