New Senior Experience in Anthropology

Starting in 2018-2019, ANTH 501 and 601 will no longer be offered. Our new senior experience allows for more options and guidance for our majors as they pursue advanced work in their area of specialization within the Anthropology major.

ANTH 401: Research Preparation in Anthropology (taken in the spring of the junior year)
Senior Experience Foundation course: ANTH 430 or any 6-unit 500- or 600-level course in Anthropology taken in the senior year
ANTH 699: Senior Experience in Anthropology (2 units) taken concurrently with the senior experience foundation course

Read more about the new senior experience here.

Advising for the Anthropology Major

The Anthropology Major is organized to help students progress from building an understanding of the field of anthropology to developing the skills and knowledge necessary to undertake independent anthropological research.  The foundation of the major is a three-course introductory sequence: Anth 110: Cultural Anthropology; Anth 120: World Prehistory; and Anth 140: Biological Anthropology.  Majors should take all three as early as possible, and preferably in their Freshman year. 

There are four tracks through the Anthropology Major, each with its own set of methods and topical courses, as shown in the table below.  Majors should try to complete the 200-level Methods course group in their track by the end of their Sophomore year, and must complete them prior to their senior experience.

    Cultural  Anthropology & General Track Linguistic Anthropology Track*

Archaeology Track

Biological Anthropology Track




 and Skills

Anth 200

Anth 207

Anth 210


Anth 200

Anth 207

Anth 210

Anth 200

Anth 207

Anth 220**

Anth 222

Anth 422

Anth 200

Anth 207 or

Biol 170

Biol 130

Biol 150




(300-400 level)***

3 upper-division Anthropology electives

Anth 330 or 331

Anth 430

1 additional upper-division Anthropology elective


2 upper- division Anthropology electives

2 upper-division Anthropology electives

2 Biology electives and 1 additional natural science elective (including at least one lab course)

  Advanced One 500-level seminar Anth 530 or 531 Anth 520 or 500-level seminar with approval Anth 540


*Students specializing in Linguistic Anthropology should take Anth 210 in their sophomore year, Anth 330 Language and Culture or Anth 331 Introduction to Sociolinguistics also in their sophomore year, followed by Anth 430 Methods in Linguistic Anthropology, and Anth 530 Topics in Linguistic Anthropology or Anth 531 Semiotics for their 500-level seminar requirement.

**Or an approved field archaeology experience

***Ethnomusicology courses taught by Prof. Sonja Downing (listed under Musicology) also count as 300-level electives for Anthropology majors.

The Senior Experience for Anthropology majors is a two-course sequence, Anth 501: Research Questions and Anth 601: Research Design, which prepare students for conducting independent research.  Students may take Anth 501 in either the fall term of their senior year, or the spring term of their junior year. All students take Anth 601 in the winter term of their Senior year.

In addition to the formal course requirements we highly encourage students to study abroad for at least one term. Off-campus study programs with fieldwork experiences for Anthropology majors include: The London Centre, and ACM programs in India, Shanghai, Tanzania, Botswana, Senegal, Jordan, Costa Rica, and Australia. The ACM Chicago program in urban studies is also a great option for Anthropology majors.

For more information, contact the program chair: Brenda Jenike, Associate Professor of Anthropology

For specific questions regarding the Archaeology track, contact Peter Peregrine, Professor of Anthropology

For specific questions regarding the Biological Anthropology track, contact Mark Jenike, Associate Professor of Anthropology

For specific questions regarding Linguistic Anthropology, contact Lavanya Proctor, Assistant Professor of Anthropology

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