How do I complete the mandatory human subjects research training program?

Lawrence University provides its own online training module addressing the principles used to define ethical research with people as participants. The module covers key principles, regulations, policies, and guidance tabout how to implement ethical principles in designing and carrying out research. Before submitting an IRB proposal, all investigators must first complete  Lawrence's ethics training module (or an accepted substitute, such as NIH or CITI training modules) and pass the exam that follows. Please note that Lawrence's module is free, whereas other programs typically have a fee. We therefore expect that most members of the LU community will elect to take Lawrence's training module.

To successfully complete the Lawrence Research Ethics Training, you must answer 80% correct on the exam after you take the training. Once you successfully achieve 80% or more on the exam, the IRB Chair will be notified automatically and you will be eligible to submit IRB applications. Should you not pass the exam, you can retake the module and the exam until you achieve 80% or better.

Click here to take Lawrence University Research Ethics Training online