Chair and Human Protections Administrator

Peter N Peregrine

Peter Neal Peregrine

Professor of Anthropology

I'm an archaeologist who specializes in the evolution of complex societies.   I teach courses on world prehistory, historic preservation, and museum studies, and I curate our large collection of archaeological and ethnographic artifacts.

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Joe Gregg

Joseph N. Gregg

Associate Professor of Computer Science

My primary research interest is software development. My most recent project centers on algorithm visualization.

I teach a wide range of courses in computer science, including courses in algorithms, theory of computation, and various aspects of software development.

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External Member

Amy Hodson


Head Official and Signatory Official

Peter Blitstein

Peter A. Blitstein (He/Him/His)

Provost and Dean of the Faculty and Associate Professor of History

Peter Blitstein is a historian of modern Russia specializing in the Soviet period and the history of nationalism and ethnicity.  He teaches courses on all aspects of Russian history, the history of intelligence agencies and state security, and historical theory.

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