What is daunting to others is exciting to you when you consider the many challenges facing our natural world today. You are ready to be part of the solution, have ideas of how to mend humans relationship to the earth, and have the knowledge to back it up as an environmental science graduate.

With an important focus on research in the environmental science field, many students pursue graduate study to continue their research or work in research capacities for environmental organizations. Fields like sustainability studies, forestry, environmental engineering, climate modeling, soil science, and more are in need of well-rounded, dedicated environmental scientists.

Lawrentians can go on to pursue careers in climate modeling, sustainability, forestry, environmental engineering, water resource management, soil science, environmental chemistry, and terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.

They can also earn advanced degrees in ecology, geosciences, agronomy, forestry, climate science, resource management, and environmental law.

Examples of recent employers

  • Wisconsin Department of Agriculture
  • Resource Conservation Alliance
  • G.E.
  • Osmonics
  • Frontier Society for Environmental Exploration

Examples of recent graduate programs

  • Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs
  • Duke University, Environmental Management
  • Northeastern
  • Stanford
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