Combine the benefits of a liberal arts education with those of a business major, preparing future leaders for work in for-profit and non-profit sectors. This interdisciplinary major, built within the Innovation & Entrepreneurship program, teaches business skills while addressing important and timely questions about the social and historical complexities of business. Foundational business skills will be developed in concert with an emphasis on the importance of multiple perspectives and big-picture thinking.

Students can combine the Business & Entrepreneurship major with a second major they are passionate about (Data Science, Music, Languages, Government, Psychology, Environmental Studies, etc.) and build the skills necessary to launch a startup, such as business administration, marketing, finance and accounting, data and analytics, and computer science.

Business & Entrepreneurship Major

The Business & Entrepreneurship major, was built through the lens of the liberal arts with a focus on preparing future innovators who will bring social, global, and environmental context to business leadership.

From foundational business administration skills to music entrepreneurship, data science, and energy management, you’ll find your focus in BUEN.

Choose one of four focus areas in Entrepreneurship, Arts Entrepreneurship, Business Analytics, Business Administration, and Natural Resource and Energy Management.

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Student Voices

“I'm graduating from Lawrence with a degree. I am also graduating from Lawrence with a functioning business, which is really cool. Yeah, I'm so ecstatic about that.” — Michael Murphy, '23

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The Greater Good

Business is all about understanding and meeting human needs and wants. The Greater Good requirement brings perspectives from the Humanities and Ethics into the BUEN major.

AJ Ulwelling with Mr. Francis Mason, who is the founder of Conforti School in Freetown, one of the KidsGive partner school.  AJ is sharing with him some glasses, a donation that was part of the EyeGive project that emerged from my social entrepreneurship class between 2021 and 2022.

Experiential Learning

Whether through an internship in the US or abroad, or an on-campus practicum, the BUEN major takes you outside the classroom.

A career community is a cluster of similar career paths grouped together to help you better explore your areas of interest.

The Chandler Senior Experience

The BUEN Senior Experience seminar provides a bookend to the introductory Business and Society course. Through readings, discussions, and guest speakers, students will reflect on their learning in the classroom and through the experiential learning component.


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The Pitch | This is Lawrence

Students in Lawrence’s Innovation & Entrepreneurship program collaborate across disciplines to develop and pitch revolutionary new ideas.

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A study of accounting principles and procedures, leading to a review of financial statements and to an understanding of how accounting data are used to analyze business and economic activities.

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