Intramural Sports Winter 2022

Look for Intramural games and activities starting January 30th

League registration extended due January 25th

Sundays 7-10pm 5v5 Basketball

Mondays 8-10pm 4v4 Volleyball

Tuesday 8-10pm 2v2 Badminton

Wednesday 7:15-10pm 6v6 Soccer


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Volleyball 4v4, badminton, basketball, pickleball, soccer, basketball, dodgeball and ping pong tournaments. Have ideas for more games. E-mail

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Policies and Rules

Why Intramurals?

Recreational activities and competitive sports are a valuable part of the liberal arts experience. These physical activities are part of a life-long learning process and complement the academic and artistic knowledge gained at Lawrence. The Lawrence University Intramurals Program gives students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to participate in recreational and competitive athletic activities. A wide variety of intramural programming is geared toward promoting healthy living through physical fitness, social interaction, skill development, and varying levels of competition.

The Lawrence University Intramurals Program is a great chance for all members of the college community to interact in a co-curricular environment.

General Information and Eligibility

A participant must be affiliated with Lawrence University as either a current student (must be currently enrolled at Lawrence University and is registered with the University Registrar), a member of the Lawrence University faculty or staff, or the spouse of a student, faculty, or staff member.

Specific sports may have rules concerning the participation of intercollegiate athletes. Intercollegiate athletes are defined as individuals who are practicing or competing with a team recognized as a varsity sport. Membership on a varsity team in the season of that sport makes a player ineligible for that same or like sport during the IM season. An intercollegiate athlete will be eligible to participate in Intramural offerings (of their sport or a sport like their own) when their 4-year-elgibility has expired or if they have been inactive from the sport for one full year.

An intercollegiate athlete playing a sport other than their own or a sport like their own is perfectly acceptable.

Teams that compete with ineligible players may have all games played with ineligible players retroactively forfeited.

Information and Contact

Visit the Wellness Center for information about Intramurals on the bulletin board located on the 2nd Floor.

Contact Erin Buenzli, by email at