The Student Alliance Against Sexual Harassment and Assault is an official LUCC standing committee committed to ending sexual violence on the Lawrence University campus by facilitating discussion, education, and awareness about issues of sexual misconduct. We aim to connect students with vital resources and implement programs to carry out our mission statement.

Bystander Intervention Training

Bystander intervention training is an interactive and educational presentation that aims to provide students with a better understanding of consent and sexual violence in our culture, as well as the skills and information they need to effectively intervene in situations of sexual misconduct on campus.

In order to register a party with the Dean of Students office, all party hosts as designated by the party registration form (including the fraternity “six man” form) must have completed Bystander Intervention Training. This training must be renewed once every three academic terms.

Open Bystander Training Sessions with SAASHA

Hosted 3 times each term or

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Collaborate with SAASHA

Are you interested in working with SAASHA on a campus program or event? Please send us an email at

Mallory Bryan, Chair
Naomi Oster, Vice-Chair and SHARE Representative
, Publicity Chair
Kali Steinberg, Secretary
Joe Krivit, Events Coordinator

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