There are both confidential and non-confidential resources offered. Below are the information and contact information for all resources both on and off campus.

If you need immediate help you may:

  • Call Campus Safety to get you escorted to a safe place. 920-832-6999
  • Contact LU Counseling Line for immediate (24-hour) consultation or assistance. 920-419-8167
  • Coordinate local hospital medical care, including a free SANE exam. 920-731-4101 
    • Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE) are specially trained and certified professionals skilled in performing these medical exams. 
    • There is no charge for this exam, and materials collected during the exam are saved as possible evidence should you need them later. 
    • Advocates will arrange transportation to the hospital and stay with you during this process if you so choose.
  • Contact the Appleton Police Department to arrange for police to investigate allegations of criminal activity and collect evidence for criminal proceedings.  An advocate can stay to provide emotional support during the police interview. 920-832-5500
  • Contact the Reach Counseling  to arrange for a free advocate to meet with, to be present during a SANE exam or police interview and to access other support services. 


Confidential Support

Members of the Lawrence community who have been affected by sexual misconduct are strongly encouraged to seek assistance.  Wellness Services Staff, or Terra Winston-Sage and Linda Morgan-Clement from Spiritual and Religious Life staff can help you with a variety of on- and off-campus services and are confidential.  Advocates can listen and support you as you consider options.  They can be with you, support you and help minimize barriers to accessing the resources you desire.  Their aim is to make certain you feel safe and have the support you need.  They will ask you what your comfort level is and help you accordingly.

Confidential support available through Community Partners

What services confidential resources can help you with:

  • Counseling Services for individual counseling, access to support groups, and education on appropriate conduct.
  • Office of Student Life to arrange protective measures such as a campus safety escort, residence hall/room change, or no-contact order.
  • Center for Academic Success to arrange temporary academic accommodations such as excused absences, extended deadlines, or incompletes.
  • Human Resources for advice on employee benefits, such as the Employee Assistance Program, or to address employee misbehavior.

Sexual misconduct can be reported to the Title IX coordinator:

  • Report misconduct to the Title IX Coordinator, who can provide information about the sexual misconduct policy and procedures, provide referrals to campus resources, and advise the university on actions needed to improve campus safety. Reports inform the university of behaviors on campus.
  • File a complaint of sexual misconduct with the university.  Complaints are investigated to determine whether this policy has been violated and to sanction those found in violation.  Complaints help the university uncover patterns of misconduct and take action to make the campus safer for everyone.

A complete list of sexual misconduct support resources for victims of sexual assault, including off-campus resources, is available through Title IX.

Free Consultation on Title IX matters with Alumni Maggie Schmidt Esq.

Maggie is an attorney, advocate, and educator focusing on sexual violence and public health. The goal of this resource is to provide students a confidential resource to receive advice on Title IX matters. Students can directly reach out to Maggie via email and schedule a one time, one hour consultation. There will be a review of what options campus has as well as a guide to off campus resources if desired. She will provide campus policies, campus resources, and help direct students to appropriate individuals.