IT'S ON US: LU Week of Action

Get involved with LU's efforts to end sexual assault with a full week of events, seminars, trainings and discussions across campus.

Get Involved

SHARE is one of several groups on campus that are working to end intimate partner violence.  Look for events sponsored by the groups on this webpage, and contact them if you would like a workshop for your student organization.  Consider joining a group to help make Lawrence a safer and more welcoming community for everyone.

Signs That a Friend May Need Help

Those who experience intimate partner violence or sexual abuse can be deeply affected.  They may feel vulnerable and need support to establish a new sense of normalcy.  Here are signs of concern:

  • strong emotions like anger, fear, anxiety, or depression;
  • low self-esteem, self-blaming, or suicidal thoughts;
  • numbness, withdrawal, or lack of trust;
  • increased alcohol or drug consumption.

If you notice these signs or hear that your friend has experienced intimate partner violence, offer your support and encourage your friend to get in touch with SHARE.

Learn more about how you can help a friend.


Think About It! - This online program for all students is aimed at reducing risky behavior and sexual assault.

Bystander Intervention - SAASHA and SHARE provide bystander training for all student groups, including any group hosting a party.  Fall Term Sessions:  Thursday October 19th at 11:10am in the Cinema. 

Monday October 23rd at 8pm in Hurvis

Contact them at or or

Student Groups

Look for more information about these student groups and events.


The Student Alliance Against Sexual Harassment and Assault provides Bystander Intervention Training, including discussion of consent, rape culture, and related issues.


Men Against Rape and Sexual Assault rallies men to redefine toxic masculinities and to create a safer campus culture.


LU Sexual Health provides information needed to have a healthy sex life physically, mentally, and emotionally, while also helping at the local Planned Parenthood clinic and providing medically accurate sex education.