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profile of Leah McSorleyLeah McSorley, Ed.D.

Associate Dean of Students for International Student Services
920-832-6509 (office)
920-832-7026 (fax)

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Leah has worked as an international student advisor for over ten years, and began working at Lawrence in 2013. She holds a B.A. in Communication Studies and Spanish, an M.A. in Educational Policy and Administration and an Ed.D. in Higher Educational Leadership. While Leah was born in Wisconsin and raised in Appleton, she has lived and worked in cities throughout the United States!  She also studied abroad in the Dominican Republic during her college years.  She enjoys working at Lawrence because of the fantastic students. It is important to Leah to help students reach their personal and academic goals so she works with them in one on one and group settings to advise on personal, cultural, and immigration topics. In her free time, Leah enjoys spending time with family, gardening, reading, catching up on Hulu, and traveling as much as possible, often with her spouse Andrew, who works in the Mudd Library. 




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Becca Hollinger

Administrative Assistant for International Student Services

920-832-6531 (office)

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Becca began working in International Student Services at Lawrence in April 2018. Becca was born in Guatemala, adopted, and raised in Wisconsin with her twin brother. She graduated from UW Oshkosh with a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish Language and Literature. When she was in college, she studied abroad in Viña del Mar, Chile for two semesters and has also visited countries such as Argentina, Mexico, and Hong Kong. She enjoys learning different languages and would like to continue to learn French and Japanese to become fluent! Becca strives to personally grow and support the office of International Student Services in her administrative role. In her free time, Becca enjoys spending time at home with her husband, Rene and her cat, Lukas. She also enjoys listening to music, going out to eat at new local restaurants, and going shopping.

ISS Student Staff

PatricioPatricio Cardenas '23

Country: Mexico
Year: Junior
Major: Computer Science
Clubs and Teams: VIVA, Lawrence International, S.O.U.P.
Interest and Hobbies: Technology, Politics, Food



ayushAyush Joshi '21

Country: Nepal
Year: Senior

Major: Geology Econ
Clubs and Teams: Lawrence International (Vice President)
Interest and Hobbies: Conspiracy theories and video games





nalanNalan Zhai '22

Country: China
Year: Senior
Major: Computer Science and Mathematics double major
Interest and Hobbies: Cooking, Swimming, Badminton, Video Games, Climbing Mountains




Raian Rith '23
Country: Bangladesh
Year: Junior
Major: Mathematical Economics and Film double major
Clubs and Teams: Lawrence Soccer
Interest and Hobbies: Soccer, Basketball, Film Making




Chan C. Chu (Cat) '24

Country: Vietnam
Year: Sophomore
Major: Multi-interested
Interest and Hobbies: Swimming, Hiking, Soccer, Baking.