Dining schedule for the end of Fall Term 2021

The final Term 1 meal will be dinner on Tuesday evening, Nov. 23. Dining services will resume with dinner on Sunday evening, Jan. 2, 2022.

Students enrolled in a two-week December Term (D-Term) course will be placed on a meal plan. Cost is $350. The first D-Term meal will be served Sunday evening (dinner), Nov. 28. The last D-Term meal will be lunch on Friday, Dec. 10. No meals will be served for the rest of December. If you have questions about the D-Term meal plan, email the ID Office at idoffice@lawrence.edu

Meal Plans 2021-2022

Meal plan options are back for '21-'22!  No more one plan fits all.  That said, new facility means new plans.  The popular meal equivalency is now a part of every meal plan.  You can use your swipes in Andrew Commons or in the Cafe (restrictions apply).  Every meal plan has a combination of number of swipes per week, Culinary Cash and meal equivalency.  This means more flexibility and value than ever before, and you will never run out of meal swipes in Andrew or meal equivalency in the Cafe (unlike Culinary Cash).

Standard Meal Plans

  • 14 meal swipes per week & $250 Culinary Cash per term ($1,790/term)
  • 19 meal swipes per week & $125 Culinary Cash per term ($1,847/term)
  • 9 meal swipes per week & $350 Culinary Cash per term ($1,777/term)

Meal plans refresh weekly after Thursday night dinner. Every Friday students will begin with a full amount of swipes for the following week. Culinary Cash does not refresh and will not carry over from term to term.

Group House Meal Plans

  • 5 meal swipes per week & $150 Culinary Cash per term ($1,790/term)

There are some organizations that live in a group setting/house that offer a split meal plan.  A portion of the meal plan fee goes to the organization to provide group meals for their members while the balance goes to the meal swipes and Culinary Cash plan listed above to be used in the Warch Campus Center.  Meal swipes are refreshed weekly after Thursday night dinner.  Culinary Cash does not roll over from term to term.

About Bon Appetit

Bon Appetit provides dining and catering services to Lawrence University and manages the Viking Room, LU's bar located in Memorial Hall. Bon Appetit has been the dining service provider at Lawrence University since 2009. To learn about the organization's commitment to sustainably grown foods and fresh, seasonal produce, visit Bon Appetit's website.

To learn more about Bon Appetit and its commitment to sustainably grown foods and fresh, seasonal produce, visit the organization's website:  http://www.cafebonappetit.com/menu/your-cafe/lawrence/. Note that the organization modifies its site often, so if links don't work, please let us know by emailing deanofstudents@lawrence.edu.

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