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These supportive virtual spaces are for students to gather and be in conversation with others holding similar identities. Zoom rooms will open November 4th-7th, 5-9pm CST.
(Hosted by Residential Education and Housing)

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Tips for Navigating the 2020 Election


  • Go to to plan ahead.
  • Know who and what is on the ballot in the area you are registered.
  • Begin developing a strategy on how you will cope with different possible election results .
  • When consuming information, make sure to fact check what you are reading.
  • Consider packing a bag of items to carry with you. This can include voting information (ID & Mail with current address), snacks and technology to help you stay connected.


  • On election day consider going to the polls with friends or family but remember to wear your masks and practice social distancing. You can also walk with faculty, staff and students who have volunteered to be escorts and will be ready to walk with you.
  • If you choose to watch the election related results surround yourself with friends or family.
    • The American Psychological Association (3) offers the following strategies:
      • Stay informed, but know your limits (3): Monitor how you feel after news consumption. Preoccupation with national events, interference with your daily life, may be a sign to cut back on your news intake and limit social media discussions.
      • Consider scheduling a short block of time in the morning and one in the evening to catch up on news without checking for every new update during the day.
      • During “digital breaks,” take time to focus on something enjoyable, such as a hobby, exercising, or spending time with family and friends.
  • Offer support and guidance, check in on your peers.

Regardless of the results, take time to prioritize self-care.

  • Exercise
  • Listen to your favorite music.
  • Spend time with close family and friends.
  • Prioritize getting enough sleep, eating healthy foods.
  • Avoid ineffective coping mechanisms such as alcohol and substances use.
  • Sanvello mobile care app designed to relieve the symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression, anywhere, anytime—because symptoms often appear when least expected.
  • Stop in and utilize spaces like the Diversity and Intercultural Center, International House and Spiritual and Religious Life, for support, processing, and reflection. These spaces will be offering extended hours.

Emergency Resources:
Emergency: 911
Campus Safety: On-Campus 6999 (Off-Campus 920-832-6999)
24/7 LU Counseling Line: 920-419-8167
Sexual Assault Crisis Center: 920-733-8119

In addition you can call or text 920-419-8398 to request a LU SafeWalkers who can accompany you from one on-campus location to another.


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